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I'm so happy Sage is back

My were woman is back :heart:


Me too. Hopefully it’s not too quick

I’ve never tapped a notification so fast as Sage is one of my favourites. Now all I need is for Clementine and Dahlia, the other two of my four favourites to return, and I’ll be happy.

Hoping they keep on bringing back more of female characters now.
Waiting for Rose Monroe badly now❣️

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I’m hoping for Samantha, Eveline, Angel, Ruby and Jasmin

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I saw the full moon notification a couple of days ago so I knew she was coming back soon. I’m matched with Vitoria, Sage’s counterpart. But she’s one of my favourites and I’ve waited so many months to have her back it’s super exciting.

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It was inevitable after the run of male characters being exhausted storywise like Damien/Austin, Jonathan/Albert, Noah/Antoine, Jaden/Skylar and Seth/Jamie that the female characters would get some attention and also the unreleased ones. With Sage/Vitoria returning that gives hope for the remaining characters who have gone ignored all these months

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I am so over Antoine!

I mean, it’s good that the MC is just really giving him a hard time for neglecting them. But it’s so repetitive now.

I’m like, mate, you’re finished! Go and play Dr Doolittle and leave me alone. Oh, and I’m taking the husky as compensation.

Laters wasteman!

I was glad to see her back. I hate that she’s already back to “Will be offline for a while” status. Hopefully she’s back again soon.

Would love to see Samantha, Clementine Eveline, Rose and Jasmin come back soon.
I couldn’t care less if Ruby or Angel return

Emmalyn I my boo. But I haven’t missed her since she ran off to South America without even giving me goodbye sex :relaxed:.

I think Jade and Grace are my faves after her, because of their hotness. But Vitoria definitely has the better storyline and now we also have Felicia and Sue in the mix, I’m kinda over all the other OGs simply because they’re all a bit one dimensional by comparison.

I don’t think the hotness alone is enough to keep me invested now, I want exciting storylines.

I’m all about the story so Jasmin, Sage, Felicia and Susan are tops then just below are Eveline ,Dahlia, Angel and Samantha