I'm so happy with finally getting Rexy!



Now to get the hybrids! Who’s better? Indorapter or indomious rex?


How did you get him.


The events! They are spawning today along with pyroraptor


Indoraptor is better


sorry to sound dumb but what are the events.


Nice job👏congrats the trex is really good…i have her and at level 13 she destroys


Go out and go to supply drops, the green ones will have either a blue or yellow highlighted dinosaur depending on rarity, it’s all an adventure!

Commons have no colour highlight

Blue is rare

Yellow is epic

And purple is legendary


I know right! She so strong! Loving her already only got her… an hour ago lol rushed straight outside when I saw she was just hanging there.


Event spawns are located in public parks. Event Dino’s will be located beneath special supply drop cubes that look different from the standard drops.


ahhh right. there is some by my work.


Yes but it’ll be worth it and once you get a steady team you can battle! You’ll need 4 dinosaurs though! Good luck! :crocodile::turtle::lizard:


Don’t worry. Rexy is fine in the beginning but higher level arenas she’s pretty useless imo