I'm so lost

I’m so lost. I started playing last week but all my dinos are weak. How do I get the DNA. The fights are out there. Guess u got to know alot about dinos to play. They are all DEAD.

these articles can help u start in the game:

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You need to use scents. I understand that nowadays it’s hard to get enough darts but that’s the best way to get DNA.
You can also try the campaign to get crappy rewards but it’s better than nothing.
Finally if you win a game of PvP you earn an incubator. However it takes some time before you can have the rewards inside or you can pay Dino bucks/watch ads to open it faster

Campaign doesn’t have bad rewards. It actually has some good dna in it.

Campaign doesn’t have bad rewards at all, it may be broken but the reward’s aren’t crappy, and for returning players it’s the best way to get enough DNA to catch up.


Ludia needs to bring back cheap darts. That’s another thing they took away that the players loved. It made the game a lot more enjoyable.

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Well the extra rewards aren’t worth it when you need to use something like edapho to knock out indom and indo or needing dimorphodon to do 2.5k damage

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Extra rewards being bad doesn’t mean the whole campaign gives bad rewards. The ones they give after winning the battle are the worth ones and should be the main focus, the extra ones are just for you to keep battling if you want to.

Well just like what these people have said you use scents. But additionally you could also get Dna on strikes on the map there are different tiers
Blue-Friendly(any level)
Green-Begineer Suggested level 1-6(note:this is not a requirement)
Yellow-Experienced 10-15 I think
Orange-Advanced 15-19 I think
Red-Expert 20-25 I think
Purple-Master 26-30
You can still beat the strikes even though your creature isn’t high enough
You can also do raids once you unlock them
Rares-4 I think
Rewards of incubators also changes on your level
Not all Strikes give dna some give out
Another thing you have a free incubator in your market that you can collect per 5 hours that gives you giga scents lasting for 3 hours

Uniques - 16
Apex - 18

It’s 6 hours actually.

you get the dna rewards regardless of completing the extra task. That reward is a small amount of coins anyway. The dna is where it’s at especially the exclusive and hybrid dna.


Yeah. The extra rewards aren’t really worth it for the time it takes and the paltry amount of coins you can win. It’s only good as a time-waster or to work on strategy.

Alright I forgotten

Yeah true, unlocked some nice epics because of it but it kinda threw me confused since it was updated abit (i didn’t played jwa much when i actually got back to posting on the forum)