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I'm so sorry

Osiris, whoever you are, I’m so sorry but you got screwed fighting me. I ended up battling these low level dinosaurs, and then a few hours later I looked back at my recent opponents, and the team that it showed was not at all what I battled. This has happened to me a few times, I guess the game randomly chooses what dinosaurs get used in the battle sometimes. You get used to being defeated by level 20 to 25 dinosaurs, that when you face dinosaurs who are lower than level 10, ive even faced a few that were level 1 befote, I get happy that I get to fight something easy, but at the same time I just feel so bad for killing those poor dinosaurs with a level 17 hybrid. So, sorry Osiris, if you’re reading this, send me a request and we can fight fair.

They were probably dropping trophies.
The low level team was there because they wanted it to be there!

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I think I encountered them too. Since I looked at my recent opponents and felt a bit of my soul die. Because I don’t think I am equipped at the time of this posting to take down a stegodeus.

they are either trying to go down arenas or they were just in friendly battle and forgot to change their team back

Friendly battle is most likely, because, in my opinion, why woudl you want to go down in the arena? i’m always trying to grind in the arena because, the prizes increase with every arena, and incubators are always nice.

By dropping arenas you are narrowing the selection of dinosaurs that incubators contain since every incubator can have DNA from any dinosaur available from your current arena and all the ones below it.

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I’ve had this happen twice with opponents that bring in level 5-6 dinos. The one person in two days went from a 3400 to a 1800. Frustration maybe, but it is slightly unethical to bring 19-20 legendaries in against opponents under 2000 trophies. That person did change his team and worked his way back up being awarded along the way.

The team of Osiris is what I call team almost impossible. You are level 13 and have you managed to take Indominus Rex to level 20? Congratulations !!! … but in addition you have left over 2400 TRex DNA to take it from 15 to 20? and without considering saving it to merge Indoraptor?

I do it from time to time to level down so I can actually win incubators. With the tournament going on I don’t have the right team to win and get incubators. I am not taking part in the tourney but suffer from the losers being knocked down into my area. So I go from 3800 to 3000 trophies to be able to win incubators to collect stygi dna.