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I'm so tired of these gatekeeping boosted thors and indos in high aviary

Anyone in high aviary will instantly know what I’m on about.

Thor and Indo are two of the relatively easiest uniques to level and they aren’t anything special against dinos their own level. However, these guys have level 27-30 thors/indos in a pool of level 23-25s, boosted to crazy levels. These dinos are crap in higher arenas so they never get any higher but it leaves them in aviary. (I have a monomimus especially for thors, but even that isnt enough sometimes).

Don’t these guys realize they could probably climb higher if they didn’t spend all their boosts on only these two? I have a monomimus that can beat the thor but even then it can be clutch.

I don’t really have a solution to this but I just need to vent.


They are just using their best resources available to them! Keep grinding & improving your team.:slight_smile:


Hey well trust me it’s a lot better this way the if they used those boosts and gold on a monolo or phoru

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I’d also like to point out that if you have level 28-30s and are still in aviary you really suck at this game


The reasoning is that these players feel such a strong affinity to these once useful dinos and don’t want to let go. So they continue to build them and pile boosts into them which kind of makes them useful. But does it?
As you rightly say, if you have level 28-30 and are still in the Aviary it’s probably because you are relying on a couple of crutch dinos like the Thor and Indo you mention. If they aren’t drawn these players probably lose.


I’m in Gyrosphere Depot and I still use a max boosted Thor, and that has pulled my butt out of the fire plenty of times :man_shrugging:t2:

Though it’s not a nitro Thor and is instead more geared towards taking and dishing out punishment.

Either way, I’d expect to see more Thors on the horizon. It’s looking to be one of the best creatures to use in the Hadros Lux raids.


Yes it does due to long-term vision. Certain dinosaurs have long-term value while others do not. This is not my opinion. Some will be a flash in the pan and never be as good ever again. Others have to be good even if they experience a nerf to some degree it is bound to experience a buff again because it’s just the way it works. Be it a Raid required creature, sheer popularity or the fact that it just has its place in the world as a constant in the top tier of mainstays over time. Value is not and never will be update to update. Value is looking at every creature and pouring resources into what will retain the most value over the long haul. You can play how you want, but this fact remains and we’ve literally seen this come to pass.

The fact my alliance is now looking for more stronger Thoras for Hadros Lux shows that it will be viable once again in arena. Seen some players use Tuoramoloch in arena because all their boosts are in it.


Thor can still be a monster if boosted right. As in, not nitro boosted but attack and health boosted.
I use a monstrous level 30 7/20/3 thor that’s won many matches for me.

As a matter of fact, it’s still one of the better fierce options available, especially since mortem is hard to acquire and not widely available at the moment.

On top of that, it’s a really solid raid dino.

Exactly this. I was just talking to an Alliance member about this. Thoradolosaur will always have value. Always. You can keep it on your Strike Team forever.

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Strike Team no. Raid maybe. Thora has too many counters now that Ardent is not resistant to distraction.

Thora is overall viable, even in gyro and the shores. Just need to know how and when to use.

You people don’t get it. Long-term. Not everyone plays update to update. Over the long-term continuing to level up and boost Thoradolosaur is smart. Not something like Dracoceratops. It’ll never be where it once was.



Why exactly does a chomper with no rampage garner such value?

Thor is pretty low tier compared to other chompers. It only persists because sino dna was basically infinite back when Alliance rewards first started and now people are stuck with overleveled ones. Which then get boosted beyond comprehension. Which is paradoxical because that’s mainly why it will never be buffed.

Long-term again is key. That can change and it can get its rampage back. We all are smart enough to know Thoradolosaur will rise again. It’s not even bad now. The biggest thing is how you synergize your Strike Team anyway. Whatever you like use. I’m just letting you know some creatures have long-term value. Some do not. That’s a fact. Some will be nerfed forever. Others will only be a temporary thing.

At least you’re not fighting top 500 players like I am when I’m ranked 1500+ below them. :woman_shrugging:


Your not the first to post such mismatches Recently which if the system was working as described should never happen. It’s looking more and more likely that match making on the weekend is a “bit” more wider then during the weekend due to a large part of the playerbase in tournaments.

I’m pretty sure this is the real reason we don’t have raids on the weekend. If match making is this bad with just a tournament… imagine if their was also raids going on as well. They’d probably have to go as far as sorna to get top 500 matches.