I'm sooooo close!

I’m probably jinxing myself and going to hit a losing streak, but I’m so close to Ruins! I can almost see it!


You totally got this! Keep up the good work!! You’ll get there in no time!!


U can do it! Dnt be afraid! If we can, why you can’t? Goodluck!!! :crossed_fingers:

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Good luck. I was within 30 and lost 18 times in a row. Got over the hump on the 19th then immediately won 3 more.

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I’ve had 3,948 before and I’ve never been able to breach that hump no matter what. I think I just suck at battling though, haha. Good luck!!

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Aren’t you like at least level 16 by now?

Me? I’m nearing level 14. Why?

I thought since you’re caught in this game almost since the beginning you’d be further ahead :sweat_smile:

I’ve been playing since the beginning and I am at 14. I don’t spend any money outside of VIP so it takes longer to get xp by leveling dinos since the coin shortage is real.

I feel your pain. I’ve been playing since the end of may and I’m just now level 15. I don’t get to grind dna like I was before so my shortage is on dna

Keep moving forward.I wait you in Ruin and we could battle and be my opponent.

I play a lot less since I moved to a less dino-populated area (in the middle of one zone instead of the edge of two) and I live in the north of England meaning it’s getting chilly. Plus I’m free to play, and after falling into the pattern of losing 200+ trophies when I’d battle with poor spawn rates when I hunted, not to mention entering the final year of my PhD, I took a break. I still play when I’m running errands though! Can’t quite tear myself away from those beautiful dinos. <3

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Jinxed myself. Down to 3833. Or I was just lucky and won against of people who didn’t know how to battle. I’m determined to break 4k! Hopefully after the events this weekend.