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I'm starting to understand why people make alt accounts


These new 1.6 dinos are pretty fun. I like using them in friendlies, but I will never (for real) have them on my arena team.

I’m just not going to risk investing in them to get them to a useable level. I liked using Dilorano back in the day so I invested in that and got burnt. Same deal with Monomimus, totaly burnt and nothing to get back for a devolve or something. All that coin, all that dna and the most important thing, all that time…just gone.

This got me thinking. If I could go back, knowing what I know now, and not making all the mistakes I have made since soft launch (just with coin and dna alone) how much better my main account would be right now.

But anyway that is beside the point. I’m thinking of starting an alt account also, just so I can have some of these cool new dinos on my team for once.

Then, when they get nerfed, (Yep I said when, not if), it wont be that big of a deal as it’s not my main account. I’ll just carry a second phone with me when I do strikes and hunt. I think I could level it up pretty fast, as active as I work on my main account.

How many of you also carry a second phone around? Just wondering if this is feasible or if it would halt progress too much on my main account. Thanks.


Am I missing something here? If you have a second account isnt it MORE costly to level up a second set of dinos? Why not just use one account and swap dinos in and out of your starting team? Unless you are implying the alternate account is for cheating?


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What the op is refering to is the wasted dna and coins of leveling monominus…and the like…

And the fact that both epic hybrids released this patch will most likely be nerfed as they are stronger then the uniques and legendaries…

On an alt account… you could level them up and play them at appropriate arena levels… without dropping tons of coins to get them at team level or without dropping tons of trophies.

If they get nerfed oh well its not your main account and it was fun while it lasted…


Why get another phone when you can just have two accounts on the same phone? Can someone explain this to me?


Swapping accounts on a phone can be a pain… sometimes i do strikes for my kids and i perfer 3 different phones then having to log out and in to three different accounts

To the op… try it for a week… see how you feel


So is this just for friendly battle purposes then?


No its for playing on the ladder but in without tring to invest real money and just get to play things you wouldnt normally spend the coins on…

Its a decent coin investment to get an edmoniguandon to level 20+ to be able to use it on ladder.

Now if you have a relative fresh account with a team level of say 12… its you can make and level it to team level without any kind of serious coin investment.

I wouldnt be tring to place 4500 on two different accounts… but the early game is still the best arena experience… huge variety of dinos nothing is unplayable really…


Yep nailed it, thanks. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

If you guys havent tried some of the new 1.6 dinos yet, they are pretty fun to use. I had a friendly where I was able to swap from Edmontoguano to Maisaura then to a fresh Edmontoguano and then to Dracocera. Even I almost lost track of what was going on, lol.

But yeah, I can only use these dinos in friendly matches on my main account. Missing out on the fun.


@MyFishDrowned , Well the alt account is going to need coinage. Not much but will still need to spin some drops.

I’m not going to take the new team past badlands/lockdown so I wont need to dedicate too much time or resourses to it.

Anyway, if I carry 2 phones (the second doesnt even have to be activated or have service, just use hotspot and wifi) I can spin each drop I visit twice, or dart the dino I find twice. I think you can see the need for a second phone here. Switching accounts at every supply drop is just not feasable.

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