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I'm sticking with it

One day there will be the croc meta, and until then I’m sticking with my grypolyth. I don’t use the dumb thing, it’s totally worthless in the arena (right now), but just got it to L23 today. It’s such a cool looking dino, and so hard to make. Shame it’s completely destroyed by pretty much anything out there in the game right now… lol

But, I’m sticking with it!


I would actually love to see a Purrolyth x Kapro hybrid.
I love Purrolyth, but its just sooo sloooow.

I actually keep Sarcorixis up there and ready to go, and while underpowered compared to her adversaries she’s no pushover and has won me games with the lockdown and stun.

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I remember the days where I was like “I’m gona level up my sarcorixis to level 20 cuz I’m sure it’ll get a cool new unique!” Then I learned about how super hybrids worked and my dreams were crushed. The crocs have so much potential but need some tweaks. Justice for the Crocs plz

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