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I'm still pretty baffled that you don't get to keep each prize from each die you roll in the Challenge stages

You’d think that for paying the amount you have to pay to play the stage(s) continuously or the time you have to wait in between playing the stage(s) for free that you’d be rewarded a prize for each die, but, no. No such luck.


Now that is dumb as hell. You should get rewards for each segment you beat.

I really hope they take all this advice. Be a shame to keep letting the game run as messed up as it is.


Agreed. It takes time and effort to progress through challenge mode and the rewards at the end aren’t exactly amazing to begin with

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I got lucky today, if the roll of multiple dice are the same they combine and you get both/all. Doesn’t really help when you get common equipment, because of gold costs but it was a nice surprise

What really grinds my gears is when I go though all the effort of completing the challenge, just to break even with the cost to play the dungeon. Especially frustrating is when I roll a 7, which has the same gold amount as a 1.

Nowadays, most of the XP comes from using gold to upgrade gear, so in that case, I’m essentially in the same state as when I started. Secret rooms are currently one of the best sources of gold, and even then I’m only getting 350 a pop (the cost of running though Heartcoil).


I agree this is something g the dev’s need to adjust and fix fast
It’s making me not want to play. Honestly if they wont change it and still want us to pick only one item they need to add the dice up and give a bigger reward to be worth the wait time. Personally this is how it should function. Your playing g harder and harder levels to get better dice. They need to add the value of the dixe together. If they are not going to do this then they need to give 1 item per dice rolled. Game has some glaring flaws and this is one of them!


I don’t think it’s even possible to roll a 20 either. I must have done hundreds of challenges and I don’t recall ever having one. I don’t think it’s a 1 in 20 chance.

I, today, reached the point where I could kill a second boss during an event run. Much to my dismay, I discovered this exact issue. This is absurd! I earned the roll, and therefore the reward. Not the option. This needs to be adjusted.

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Wait until you roll 5 or under on all 3 dice. So rewarding :roll_eyes:

I’ve always felt you should get all three dice., side note I got a 20 today on the VIP challenge, 3K gold :slight_smile:

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I’ve rolled a few 20s, upgraded my rare daggers from the loot. I’m happy.

It’s a pretty bad system, especially when you get to the third raid and you gotta complete 4 stages pre-boss. Even funnier than that, one the second raid, rolling a 2 gets you 100 coins, rolling an 8 gets you 67. You’d think it’d be the other way around…

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