I'm stuck at home and my scents aren't really poppin'

I’m just saying, I hate what I get for my scents…if I pop an epic, I’d like more variety in the draw. While I’m complaining, can we please get a cenozoic scent? One that would draw some woolly creatures? Boredom rant over with.

We definitely need themed scents that spawn 2 like gig scents.


I saved a couple winter scents but I used them weeks ago for extra fluffy beast DNA… I miss those winter scents…


The only thing I was looking forward to when going to my parents’ home for easter was that it’s in local 1 where I can catch Brachis on giga scents… you know what I got so far after using 5 of them?? 6, and I repeat SIX concavenators, maybe 7, lost count, no brachi, not even an anky… this game knows exactly what you need and throws only garbage in your face

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Ouch. I live in zone 1 and I haven’t gotten a single concavenator on a giga…