Im stuck in Jurassic Ruins

Any suggestions? Ik i suck

One thing that I notice right off the bat about your team is that you only have one resilient and it’s a level 16 Ankytro. You could definitely use some more tanks, but I’ve noticed that at the point you’re at, most players have mostly just fierce and cunning. Para Lux got a whole lot better with the addition of its counter heal, so that might be an option. It looks like you can level it up once more. A balanced team is best, so it’s good to have multiple counters for different dinos. You could use another resilient or two and maybe another swap in, but i’m not sure if those are options for you right now. The creatures on your team are all very good, so if you’re having trouble, try to figure out what creatures you’re having trouble with and get some stuff on your team that counters them.

I could try para lux, do you think nodopatotitan is an option? I could level it a lot

try stegodeuse it is not bad

Ok, i will try to get some stego

I saw a nodopatotitan in the library not too long ago, so yes, it can certainly be good. It has 40% armor, a shielding attack, decel, a counter attack and a lot of health. It’s a cunning destroyer. Some of the best legendary resilients are Mammotherium, Ardontosaurus, Stegodeus and then you have resilient mixes like Eremoceros, Megistocurus and Scutophicyon. I’m not sure how east these are for you to level up, but those are just some of the better options. The last three I mentioned are my favs of those. Your team is good enough to be on a good alliance, as long as your active and get at least 10 takedowns in tourneys. I would try to make sure you’re on an alliance that hits the Tier 8 incubator each season. These are a lot of them and you can search through the alliances by looking at the leaderboards. Getting 250 unique dna at the end of each season is amazing. They’ve been really good lately too like Testa, Skoona and Spinocon … Just a thought

I dont think i am ready to join a different alliance, but thanks for the suggestions!

Oh my, yes, use nodopatotitan. The thing actually has great survivability

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