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I'm stuck. Need Team Suggestions

I have been doing pretty well in the tournament for a while, however, now I’m just stuck in the same area I was before. I keep rising and falling, never passing my high score (and since I need the coins to help do some Mortem raids) I’m wondering if I can make any improvements to my team that may help me.

  • I have all legendaries unlocked
  • All epic creatures have been unlocked except the continental creatures. (Stegoceras is the exception but that may be useless)
    Screenshot_20210613-150222_JW Alive

try replacing compy for dodo hybrid

Hmm compy has been working better than dodocevia for me actually

oh I dont have either of them unlocked so I am just taking info from rumors that say dodocevia is “OP” which its not

It is good in the arena but compy is working better for me in tournament

yep just looked at its stats it just need a good ol resilient to beat

I’ll post my team here :slight_smile:

hey @TheNoobLegend27 what alliance are you in im looking for a home

Add me on discord to continue this convo Jurricane#9538

This is my team

ok just sent you request

How’s Indo Gen 2 and Stegodeus working for you? I’ve been wondering if I should put them on my team. I would maybe suggest replacing Allosinsaurus with Trystonix for the flock creatures and against those pesky swap-ins.

Stegodeus works well against the flocks and actually the same thing for indo g2.
IMO Indo g2 is the best flock counter i’ve used so far:
You have to go for the base attack but keep an eye on your damage(If you don’t do enough to kill one compy go for a bigger hit)

Might try that tomorrow
I’ve been using allosino so far because it kills resilients whilst only being hit once and reduced because of armor

Try rat instead of mammoth and alloraptor instead of tryo and entelodon instead of the dimetrodon looking thing next to tryo

So Draco Rat is replacing Wolly Mammoth, I already have Alloraptor in my team, and Entelodon? That’s rare, do you mean Entelomoth?