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I'm sure the bots didn't see this coming



Lol. What was the order?


Of course you guys use draco.
Its because nobody has a strat so the only way to get good at the game is to spam draco.


Draco isn’t a dino, it’s a free 2k point damage attack.


not sure if serious…

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I just dont like draco. Some ppl cant get good without it.


Nobody feels bad using dracko on a bot :smiling_imp:


I had rex euplo velo, apato even doesn’t have chance to shine.

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Well even people who don’t use draco in the arena use it in strikes, its super useful in strike events to get that last hit without needing to sacrifice anything


I would rather use Dracocera on a bot as a last hit than lose because I don’t have anything faster than a lvl 30 raptor that deals 3200 damage in one hit. I want to keep my 200 cash thank you. :slight_smile:

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It’s just no strat.
Why not use Dracorex gen 1?
Why not use triceratops gen 2?


I have bad rng most of the time. With my luck that 66% stun would fail and the dracorex doesnt do enough damage with its swap in strike. Then it would get one shot by the raptor. That is poor strategy, the better strategy is to take out the risk and use dracocera if it can one shot it. Then be done and over with it.

Besides, according to your logic, those two wouldn’t be a strategy either as they have swap in moves. You just want to argue that Dracocera isn’t a strategy because its a “free” kill. If you strategize accordingly against someone who possibly has a dracocera, you would know to try to always keep a dino in reserve that can take the hit and attack back at it. There are plenty of Dinos that can either one shot it or cripple it to where they’d be forced to swap back to their previous dino, which at that point should already be low enough to not take a hit from the dino you brought out for the Draco.
Thor, Tryko, and Indo are my go to in this situation.
Hell, even Koolag2 with its swap in distraction and faster movement is a good counter to it since its got high attack and cuts its SIADSR.

Wait, that sounds like a counter too! :o


I’d say draco does have some strategy with it in order to get the most out of draco (such as timing and team comp), even some of the best players in this game admitted to it. People feel it has no techniques because even without any planning, draco can still be very effective in many scenarios.


Exactly, without any planning a lvl 6 sucotator can devastate lvl 30 non-immune powerhouses that can’t cleanse and won’t swap out after lethal wound. Just like using DC at the wrong time usually results in free KO for the other team.


Using something that swaps in for damage on a strike tower is the exact same amount or strategy as anything else. Lol what is wrong with y’all.