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I'm suspicious


This thing:

Is actually a zombie.
It has to be. It totally looks like a Zombie raptor with its ghostly eyes and blood thirsty look.
Dino be scary!


While the Utasinoraptor is creepy, no doubt about it, I’ve always thought that Tryostronix had more of a zombie vibe. There’s the pallid complexion, the weird blood like colouration around the mouth and neck and there’s what looks a lot like skeletal protrusions along it’s spine - the decayed remnants of a once majestic sail.


Utahrinex looks like it has no skin and you see the muscles


I can see that.
However, I get more of a zombie vibe with Utahsino from its creepy eyes.


I’ll have to take your word on that one, I haven’t unlocked mine yet.



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That’s scary

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Total Zombie material, right?!

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I always thought the Trystronix was more the zombie…followed by the Indominus Rex


Idom’s pretty much a vampire.