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Im tired to give Ludia anymore Feedback

I think im done with giving ludia feedback.
They always fix the less important problems in the game.

“HeY gUys wE lisTenEd to YouR vOiCEs aNd fiXeD MaXima and TRyko…”

well… ye but what about the bigger problems? The flood of resilient creatures (including the new ones), resilient attacks being too strong, boost refunds, boost reset, matchmaking etc.
Everyone its talking about these problems but you only chose the 2 smallest problems in the entire game!? They couldve easily fixed the tryko and max problem without changing theyre stats or moveset if they were to fix resilient overall. Get what im saying?

Its like: Ludia wants to sell apples at the local market. Ludia has a basket with 30 apples. 20 of those appels are fresh, 8 of them are old and start to develop mold, and 2 other apples are engulfed in mold. A normal person would switch the moldy apples with fresh ones, but Ludia will only take out the really really moldy apples and leave the other less moldy apples in with the fresh apples.

This may not be a good example but you get the idea.
Even if we make a big rework of creatures and all that jazz, like @Thylo_75 did a few days ago, ludia would not get inspired by our ideas and continue doing theyre own ideas, sometimes good ideas but most of the time they are bad ideas.

The only thing that would make me come back to give ludia some feedback is only if they make a patch were the only thing they have in mind is to balance the game. No new cretures and raid bosses, only balancing the arena.

– But, as a blue Unicorn once said: “Once in a blue moon, will ludia make a good JWA update.”