I'm too tempted to use Dime for Tryo instead of Magna

I can level dime to a 15, and know I need him at a 20 for magna. Sitting with a ton of posto, posti at a 21 and enough dime to level posti to work on leveling tryo to a 21 with over 700 bary that I have which may not be enough. Part of me says don’t do it, the other is saying it’s going to take forever to get enough dimetrodon to level him to a 20+ to create magna. Dang…

Wait for patchnotes first :wink:
Then you can make a better choice in stea d of regretting it after buffs and nerfs


Probably should wait… I can barely find pyroraptor anywhere ever so some hints as to where to look would be great!

Its a zone 2 daylightspawn, where you find deinocheirus mostly :slight_smile:
Also, pyro rotates as an eventdino, so you will get enough pyro DNA in time ^^

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Also keep one thing in mind… Magna is suuuuper squishy. Mine is at L23 and still gets 2-shot by almost anything it comes up against lol

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I work in zone 2 and it’s an elusive one for sure. I have been tempted to try an epic scent but can’t justify it.

Hey thanks for that, I wondered… sucks when we spend all the time and all the coins for something that doesn’t come close to what we think it will be.

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I really like tryo with the exception of rtc that I haven’t figured out good timing on. It will be fall of 2022 before I can create and level magna.

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Thats right now, but as we know, things might change.
Dont give up on it just yet :wink:

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Of course i’m at work and they are so close but too far away… maybe if I call them “here dimmy dimmy dimmy”

Go ahead and work on Tryostronix she is awesome towards the end of battles. when the time comes Dimetrodon will not be the limiting factor on making Magna… Pyroraptor and the incubator exclusive Irritator will limit you just fine.

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I’m not convinced Magna is so great. I’ve never had to hit it more than twice to destroy it.

How do you tell zones?

I’m not sure how to link you to spawn mechanics info, but hopefully someone else will. Dependent on what dinos you have around you determines the zone. I get a lovely amount of lythronax and purassaurus gen 2 and am in zone 1.

I replied and hopefully it will show soon.

I exhausted my dimetrodon extra DNA and had a little more bary than I needed to level up tryo :blush:

I get a mix, Lythro, Euplocephalas, Stego, and Crocs. It would be nice if they marked zones in game, would make it easier to hunt for certain dinos.

Google jwa metahub, once there search spawn and it should come up.

Follow this link…


You’re in L1.

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