I'm too tempted to use Dime for Tryo instead of Magna

Thanks for posting that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I had seen the spawn mechanics before, just wasn’t sure how everyone could easily tell. But yeah after looking through it really well, I an in L1, which sucks. But I still think they should have it labeled on the game.

Ask people that are stuck in L3… :laughing:

Lol…I was just going to reply the same!!

I have been in L3 since beginning and can’t think of anything on my team that is L3 derived other than Monolophosaurus which again has been super rare around my area!

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These spawns make no sence i get every diffrent dino from the diffrent locals but dilo and megla

So what’s the largest on this now we have the patch notes

Tryo seems to be stronger, but the patch itself always holds a few surprises still, so wait a little longer till everything settles ^^