I'm very upset now

So, I did a gauntlet fight and it was the PERFECT run. I was at the last wave and it would have been an easy win…if the game didn’t decide to randomly say the connection was lost. I tried for more then five minutes to reconnect but nope. And I checked my internet connection, it works, otherwise I couldn’t post this. Now, I wouldn’t be so upset over that IF IT WASN’T FOR THOSE STUPID LIVES YOU HAVE!!! I HAD TO WAIT 4 HOURS FOR THAT ONE STUPID LIVE, A PERFECT RUN AND THAN THIS HAPPENED!!! seriously I could throw my phone against the wall!!!

And what’s with these horrendous levels please?

I want the victory it would have been, if it wasn’t for that stupid error. Or at least my life back. OR just remove that stupid idea “one live per fight, regardless if it is a loss or a win”

Who thought of that , sorry to say that, stupid idea. I always loved gauntlet events, but that ruins the fun even for someone like me.


Sooo I tried that same fight 8!!! Times now!!! and never could win (most of the time they killed one of my dragons in the first round…) And I don’t see the point in using a sage fruit, when I could have won the first time. I’m still furious

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Try playing on a different connection perhaps? I experience frequent disconnects when using my home wifi but cellular data works just fine.

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Unfortunately I have no other connection I could use.

And one time wasn’t enough… does this look like a lost connection???
I officially hate that stupid 5 lives only rule now more than anything else…

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