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Im wanting to return

i played this game a while ago and had many good and rare dragons. i changed phones and havent played since, does the game save my berk if i had google play connected? i think i also had facebook connected but im having issues with that in jw the game so i doubt its going to work.

Unfortunately, use of Google Play to save progress is still not implemented. (I’ve been asking for this for a while.) However, if you know your old support key, you may be able to contact support about getting your game transferred.

i think i have my support key saved in my samsung notes

Hey there Akseli_D, if you linked your account with Facebook your game will be saved there! Simply finish the tutorial and go into the setting and link your Facebook to retrieve your old Berk!

i tried it with jw the game but it tells me that an account with that email doesnt excist. is it possible that i had made it with my phone number and if so will the process be the same