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Imagine Dracoceratops with Dig In instead of Regenerate

It would make more sense since most ceratopsians have this move (yes, i know trike gen 2 doesnt, but thats besides the point). However…i feel like there may be more problems if it did have this move. What do you guys think of Dig In on the Rat instead of Regeneration?

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Practically all its reliable one-hit counters (Utahsino, Smiloceph, Phorusaura and Erlidom) would no longer be able to take it out in one hit, due to the dig-in shield.


The only one who would stop it then would be Thor, and even then, it has to get lucky and crit it

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And if the Dracoceratops is speed-boosted enough, it might even be able to outspeed it’s counters, with the Dig-in speed-buff. Never a good thing.

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Yeah, unless they give it a huge rework, dig in would make it nigh uncounterable. While it is hard to stop, at least we have Smiloceph, Phorusaura, Erlidom, Posto, and Spyx to help fend it off

R.I.P. Smilonemys attack stat. It they left it the way it was, it wouldve been THE perfect Rat counter

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Maybe adrenaline pulse… or no healing at all.


Well… imagine dracoceratops with swap in headbutt instead of rampage.


that honestly wouldnt be nowhere near as bad

But Dig In has also cleanse in it. So basically the rat would have cleans and regen plus a shield and higher speed.

Hell no. It should lose healing at all and should be locked for two turns without any chance of escape.


To me, this is the best way to balance out DC. It still makes him a viable dino but it also deals with his currently unbalanced performance.


HP: 3900
Attack: 950
Crit Chance: 5%
Armor: 15%
Speed: 109

Decelerating Strike
Rampage and Run
Dig In
Greater Stunning Impact

Swap In Headbutt

Whatcha think? I think this would make it much more in line with everyone else, while still keeping it viable

Only if they gave it the stun armor piercing strike instead of rampage as a swap in.

just remove swap in rampage :smiley:


Just don’t give it a cleanse skill. Once it’s in, it shouldn’t be able to remove the lock, swap out, and repeat the cycle.

What the heck?! NO. Dig In has a cleanse, a heal, a speed boost, and a shield! DELETE THIS BEFORE LYDIA SEES IT


I’d happily dig a hole for the rat and throw it in, cover it up, and never let it see the light of day again.

Other than that, no way.


Just don’t make any of it’s moves priority. That makes a two hit kill possible and is far move balanced