Imagine if Thor had definate devistation

300 speed with it goat real and definate devistation with immunity lol.

I introduce Lord Thoradolasaur.

I can imagine a defeatable version rewarding you with an epic giga scent snd 5000 darts.

Im sure Ludia would come up with a Dodo bird thats impossible to beat like the goats and lord lythronax for laughs.

But man a Thor like that would be scary, it would have to be a raid boss! A remote raid for all alliances to defeat.

You have roared your last roar mister

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Nah, imagine Mammolania with it

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Add a rocket launcher to its back too. The attack like it goat real but cloak and sheilds dont work it removes it lol after defeat the trolololo song plays.Also 350 speed unboosted with 200000 attack and 325k hp with immunity and 100% armor.

That need a little buff, is too easy to kill

or thylacotator/marsupial lion… prowl and have 3x def rampage with 90% crit chance :scream_cat:

And immune to Distraction.

Thor would be in a class of its own if it had that. Way higher than high tyrant.

why just thor though? anything with that move… :roll_eyes:

how bout cautious cleansing healing slowing nullifying shielding definite devastation, no cooldown no delay, on an immune dino.

How about Instant Definite Extended Critical Ferocious Vulnerability Cautious Devastation on Thor and buff its speed to 149 and make it immune to distraction

This has definitely gotten outta hand… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

No, fully Immune…

Well yes, but actually no.

That would be scary, better yet if it had it goat real move. Only it bypasses cloak and invincibility lol.

Not at all were talking as a fantasy of unrealistic overly powerful dinos.