Imagine playing a game with your family on daily basis, your account gets lost, and you cant get it back for 2 weeks!


As already posted in my previous one, my son opened his account on my mobile phone on 26.12.2020 and his account is connected by mistake to my Apple Gamecenter! So my level 15 acccount is not connected to anything and cant login! It has been gone for good and I kept asking Ludia to help me retrieve it back numerous times simply by connecting my Gamecenter back to my level 15 account.

And there is no any progress in 13 days…

I was playing this game with my son, was co-leader and general raid healer of my Alliance… now all that effort has suddenly gone…

What I am wondering is;

i) is it impossible to retrieve the account in such cases?

ii) isn’t response time of Support Team max 3 business days? It has been 13 days since my first approach as in game message and 5 business days since my last email to

iii) I have only received one in game message so far and it was nothing but copy paste of instructions given in Help forum (logout from Facebook etc, which steps were already taken and not worked unfortunately) and that message dissapeared! So I had no chance to speak or follow up the topic through in game chat.

iv) Is there any platform I can escalate this issue? It seems like I am not getting any support from Support team as it has been 13 days… there is no other way to retrieve the account as it is not connected to any Facebook/Gamecenter.

v) what is the aim of forcing JWA players to login with auto login with Facebook/Gamecenter? Why cant we use universal login setup (as username & password)

vi) as there is no typical login setup, there is no other way to retrieve a lost account but Support Team’s support! In other words one cannot use “I forgot my password”, secret question, and similar options. Thus if one connects his/her Gamecenter/Facebook to other JWA account (as in my son’s case) there is NO way to reach the JWA account previously connected to Facebook/Gamecenter… Why Ludia forces to use this setup if it wont help to correct any mistake made in Login screen?



For JWA players who wonders if there is any update on this:

@Ned is the only one from Ludia who finally gets in touch with me and gives to the point and timely responses…

It seems like for some reason cant send me emails, allthough I received automatic emails from it before(like news emails), I currently receive emails from other email addresses (I cleaned my Inbox and purchased extra icloud storage just in case) and I sent/still can send emails to

So I am still waiting for Ludia Support Team to send their response for my ticket… I can designate another email address of mine for alternative communication or they can send me in-game message…

Fingers crossed…

Update: they are still working on this… I hope they can manage it and I’d give you good news here next time !

Update: got my account back after few weeks! Thank you @Ned for extra effort and being so helpful! I think i have sent like 20 mails, sorry for that ! :pray:t2::v:t2:


Hey Aylin_Gurbuz_Luleci, that’s great news! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other issues again. :slight_smile: