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How is it possible that its camouflage and wide range of damage from the indominourex benefit its rope defenses is something stupid, that is, not even with a shield one can defend oneself.
como es posible que su camuflaje y ampliatud de daño del indominourex le beneficie a su rope defensas es algo estupido osea que ya ni con escudo uno puede defenderse

Indominus is a fierce creature, so it makes sense it can break shields and armor

He’s mentioning the fact that indom pretty much one shot everything that doesn’t rely on dodge or nullifies cloak. But I already made a post about this and doesn’t want to be involved in this argument again.

“Not even a shield one”

Ummmmmm, very much so a shield one: It can take away half of the damage of the rampage or impact. I have used this strat many times and it has paid off