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Is this a trusted site by JWA. I don’t like the idea of giving my personal info but this game is fun and does deserve some recognition.


Ok, first response to this thread, I didn’t know what the title meant. So, uh, what does the title mean? Is the title for the thread the site you’re asking about, or are you asking about these forums? Because if the title is the name of a site, I’m not familiar with it.


A company called Ludia made JWA.
They have forums (which is what you are currently on) for all their other games, and JWA itself.
This is a trusted site.
But the Admins and managers said that they dont recommend putting in the info.
I asked J.C and she told me not to put it in :slightly_smiling_face:.
Have fun on the forums!


I think he/she is talking about the awards notification. Ludia sent out a notice asking people to vote for JWA in the game awards.

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I will not vote coz ludia isn’t worth voting for them…



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I’m not sure what the OP is getting at but if you want in on my Ethiopian inheritance this is a great slow play


Img awards. International mobile gaming awards. Guess nobody knew that. Was quite apparent to me :man_shrugging: but yes that site is fine


Also there are literally over 100 nominees in the category jwa is nominated for. Odds of them winning seem low, although i did vote for them


Did you get reward?


If you wote for them you kinda give them a price for scamming us coz ludia don’t worth for this stingy game