IMHO, the one thing ludia MUST fix


this is the park near my home where I walk my dogs. There’s a mile loop around the outer edge of it and not one dinosaur ever. One of the great things about Pokemon go was the parks were full of creatures to catch and that is one area where this game truly Lacks. There’s not really that much motivation to actually walk


I whole heartedly agree with you, this has happened a lot in our local area as well. But one major thing that LUDIA needs to fix is the BATTLE area,s time and time and time again the game either drops out or freezes, suddenly goes into a major meltdown and we are stuck in limbo only to see us lose a battle because the damn game has glitched out on us yet again, we lose more valuable trophies this way than simply losing a battle under normal circumstances. Please LUDIA fix this fast because I am on the verge of giving away try to do the battles completely… I mean what’s the point in wasting valuable time chasing after trophies if the game is going to either drop out, freeze, screen fuzzed over ( blurry ) as though it’s stuck in mud all the time .?. as for me I will give it one last try and if it glitched out on me again then I will stop doing battles for good … end of story !!


At least your park is a park. The two parks where I live are nothing. The park in the next town over ain’t either.


That might be your network provider dropping the ball.


That honestly looks like a connection issue. All you need to do is go to your dino list, select a dino and let it load, then return to your map. In a few seconds, it should reload with dinos and supply drops. If not, just close the app and reopen it.


Also fix blue areas. Nothing can be nothing. Spawn stuff in blue empty areas.


@Creative_Screen_name that’s a huge park.

This is the thing i don’t understand about Ludia placement of supply drop on park area. They claimed to be based on Google Map POI. But what other factors that is taken by the system to generate the supply boxes pinning area? The rating of public review of the park, the area/coverage of the park, water vs land ratio or any other external factors that are taken into consideration for the algorithm?


We really need the light blue areas being filled. Pretty sure Parases are getting tired of running into “metal dragons”.


Its not a loading issue. Theres 2 event drops at the park entrance and 2 normal drops on the road that runs by, if I spun the image youd see tham in the distance. Ive been playing for 6 weeks, go to that park everyday, never any dinos


You can try go to google maps and report the parks as such. Maybe they were never identified as parks. That being said, the most popular park in my city is designated fully as a park, but only half (the half that is only accessible by crossing a major roadway) of it shows up green.