IMHO, the single best thing for the health of the game

Add at least 2 more arenas. Seriously. The crunch at the top is just shoving more and more powerful creatures lower and lower. I have no idea how long it will take, but before you know it there will be apexes as early as the ruins - and NOT because of droppers.


All people need for ceramagnus or hadros lux raid is a level 15 irritator and high level players to help. Luckly though ludia did put a level requirement on raids but I see your point.


Honestly then need to have an update that just fixes the bugs and they don’t add anything new to it. After that, they can add new stuff.


what this would change? the background animation for top players other than a beach?

wouldn’t people condensed into aviary at 4900 trophies still be there if there are 3 or 6 arenas above?

isn’t the thing more about trophies than “arenas”? or did i miss something?

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Bearing in mind that Jurassic World Dominion is going to come out, we will surely have a new arena, hopefully so, because in the 3 main arenas they have practically the same creatures and levels too, we must add one or two arenas between the 3 main ones sands.

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It is necessary for a balance in pvp

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they don’t even need the new movie to add arena tho, there are still a lot of cool places like visitor center, electric fence from jp1, indom paddock, raptor paddock, tall grass, jp3 aviary, etc