Immobilize after 1.12

With No Escape introduced, Immobilize needs to be either reworked or redistributed. By “redistributed” I mean keep the move in existence as is and just put it on other dinos where it makes sense. Like putting it on something that had a No Escape Parent but doesn’t have it, so Immobilize fits a similar role. As for a rework…

When the thought of a Crocs jaws coming down comes to mind, I think of a bite that is probably going to break your bones. Give Immobilize a Slow and Vulnerability feature. It basically becomes the Croc’s version of Superior Vulnerability but with a twist!

  • Immobilize:
    Priority: Inflict Vulnerable immediately. Vulnerable lasts until the end of next turn. Speed Decrease 50% for 2 turns.
    Cooldown: 2 Turns

I know it’s useless against Immunity dinos, but so is the current version. However, this means Grypolyth can potentially deal 37.5% (Rounded up? Down?) Rend damage one time against non-immunes! But this may require a downgrade for Sarcorixis’ Fr-Impact into Fr-Strike.


Ummm would it make sense more if we just replaced entire I mean we have done this to other moves before

True, that’s an alternative too. They even retired Adrenaline Surge way back when, so that may be the case here.

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Adrenaline Surge is still a thing.

Lol ya only on posta it’s basically a worse dig-in/regen

That’s Adrenaline Pulse. Adrenaline Surge had an attack buff too. It was on Postimetrodon and Gorgosuchus I think, maybe even Kapro.


Immobilize is such a fun move to use though. How about keeping it the same but only adding a vulnerability effect? The meta is overran by immunes anyway, I don’t think it’d a big problem for Sarcorixis to keep the ferocious impact.


Lol yes it would be it have the highest turn one damge in the game almost 4,k damge

Honestly we keep saying that the meat is Immune but like it’s honestly not

55 creatures have immunity of some kind wether that be partial or full

There 191 dinos in the game in total as of patch 1.12

Meaning that’s around only 29% of the games dinos being immune it’s not really that much in the grand scheme of things. The reason we think it’s an immune meta is cause the op tier dinos rely on immune to be top tier so ya give that to sarcoxis with ferocious impact would be op

29% seems low at first glance, but do you really use creatures like Majungasaurus or Lythronax? No. Those 29% pretty much make up all of the usable creatures, the remaining 71% mostly goes to the useless hatchling garbage or whatever.


Turn 2. Immobilize would be turn 1.

The meta is the most effective tactic available, not what kind of dino is in the majority. Most of the top dinos are Immune, so they’re generally the most effective.

A tad off topic but Sarcosuchus has the bite force stronger than that of a T-Rex. It’s fair enough to grant a devastating dmg output to Sarcorixis.
On a side note, vulnerability will not aggravate the damage done on rending counter attack, thusly having little to no change on grypolyth.

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Are you sure your not think of purussarus cause I think it’s kinda impossible for sarco to have that strong of a bite force

Cause like it jaws seem very thin and long to get a harder than trex

Compared to say deinosuchus

Or puruarrasurs

The bite force of sarcosuchus is estimated to be around 80000N to 90000N, 1 ton heavier than that of purrusaurus.

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Honestly makes no sense considering the amount of stress or would put on the skull and the fact it’s teeth are more like that of gharels and sure not as narrow as it’s modern day cousins even for a croc it’s about seems very narrow

Yea I saw it. Despite that, the actual jaw isn’t as thin as the way it look. Since there’s proof says it’s strong enough to prey on large dinosaurs.

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Ya but I think it more relied on drowning and dragging its prey considering it’s teeth and well jaw have I think it’s called a schoop or subnarial gap which maybe acted like a hook which latched on and used it size to swap and then drown prey

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Like it makes sense look at the skull sarco seemed like a hooker, not like that ludia so don’t flag me, able to latch onto and hold onto prey before dragging them away. Compared to the other two who have straight powerful jaws they could have been crushed able to just clamp onto a Dino and either kill it there or just drag it into the water and the kill it

As seen below