Immobilize needs to do damage

Has anyone else noticed that immobilize is basically useless except for a three turn lockdown, which doesn’t help because all of the crocs who have it have no escape. IMMOBILIZE NEEDS TO DO AT LEAST 1.5x DAMAGE!!!

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That’s too op if that were to happen it have to lose the stun plus people have already said maybe immobilize should just be replaced with something else

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It stuns if a creature is going to swap out, if it has a positive effect. If you have a negative effect. I

I don’t think that a 100% stun and lockdown should have 1.5. At most .5


Okay, let’s look at the creatures that have it, shall we?

Gryposuchus: Grypo can use it pretty well, if your opponent used Superior Vulnerability or Superiority Strike, you can just use Immobilize to get rid of your own negative effects and outspeed them, especially at the end of a battle. Also, if your opponent has a Priority move like Dig In, you can use Immobilize when you know your opponent might use it if you’re slower to essentially get a free turn.
You can also use Immobilize to make sure the opponent doesn’t swap after Gryposuchus itself is taken out.

Sarcorixis: It can use Immobilize in all the ways Gryposuchus can, but it can also use it to waste that first turn to wait out the delay on Greater Stunning Strike. This is useful against opponents like Thoradolosaur, Brontolasmus and plenty of others too.

Grypolyth: It can use it in all the ways Gryposuchus can, but also to wait out the cooldown on Regeneration, which is very important if you’re a Grypolyth user

Sarcorixis would be downright overpowered if you gave Immobilize damage. It would then be able to stun you twice, then use a Ferocious Impact.
Gryposuchus and Grypolyth would be considerably stronger.


While I agree that the lockdown aspect of immobilize isn’t useful, Immobilize doesn’t need to do damage. An instant guarenteed stun is pretty strong by itself. On the other hand, other lockdown moves (pinning strike, lockdown impact) on crocs could use an update, because the lockdown aspect becomes a bit redundant since they have No Escape.

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I saw the title and immediately I came here to say


Second that.


So my current working idea is that if it also gave vulnerable for 1 turn… it would be awesome (some extra balancing would be required). You could remove the ‘lockdown’ part entirely given how redundant it is (I get there are edge-cases, but I’ve come across them… like once or twice in practice).

Obviously with Sarcorixis that would be insane (stat balancing required). With Grypolyth it would be quite interesting as it would boost the counter too in most cases.

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You have your instant shutdown, it doesn’t need damage. Thst would be too good.

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Exactly this - Immobilize, Greater Stunning Strike, Ferocious Impact; assuming GSS actually stuns this can take down a lot of creatures without them getting a single shot in - T-Rex was particularly victim to this in the last tournament :smiling_imp: That said I wouldn’t object to it getting a 0.25x damage …

Re: the lockdown affect being redundant I believe No Escape is not in play if the croc is stunned (feel free to correct me on this) so it does have a use.

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This is also true and is probably more applicable to the fast dinos. You can’t stun & run, so only if the Immobilize Dino goes first, does this come into practice (I go first, they stun, I do nothing, they run).

It happens more often to Sarcorixis and Gryposuchus. Very rare for Grypolyth to be going first unless it regenerated into a stun.

If Immobilize must do damage I think that a 0,5x damage is good

I don’t think Immobilize needs any Damage. Maybe a DoT with 10% HP reduction for one turn like Constrictor’s Counter. Then again, there is some posts asking for Rixis’s Nerf. So, if there’s damage involved, post like those will be more frequent. So, even though I like some Damage added to Immobilize, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

The crocs are fine as they are,nerf the speed of the crocs,say sarcorixis to 108 or so,if you think Immobilize should deal that much damage and make Grypolyths greater rending counter a minor rending counter,if you need Immobilize to do that much.

Same here

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Grypolyth doesn’t have Greater Rending Counter. Bringing Rixis’s Speed down to 108 will destroy it.

Well that is on the condition Immobilize deals 1.5× the damage,since that compensates.

I think Immobilize shouldn’t deal any damage. It can be a really useful move, if you know, that your croc will die, you can at least pin it for a turn after your croc dies.