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Immortal Demonz Recruiting!

Hello everyone!

We, Immortal Demonz are recruiting new people to join us. We have currently 15 people in and are taking down 5 star, sometimes 6 star Alphas.
If you are interested on joining our family, here are the requirements:

:white_small_square: Have team with 5000BP
:white_small_square: Attack Alpha daily
:white_small_square: Deal min 80k damage per Alpha
:white_small_square: Be friendly

If you meet the criteria and are interested to join, you can search the clan Immortal Demonz and send a join request!

We also have a discord server for our members, which you can join if you join the clan.

Thank you so much for reading, good luck on the battles :blush:

Kind regards:
:dragon_face: One of the leaders, Vioora

Do I have to message you guys through discord to join or can I just send a request through the game?

You can send a join request through the game :blush:

We still have 8 more spaces left in the clan.
Also we are currently defeating 6 star Alphas.

Read the criteria from above if you are interested :blush: