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Immortal dragons -- arena bug

Second time this has happened today. First time i brushed off but wanted to report it.

  • I’ve run into an issue where my game starts to glitch during an arena battle.
  • After every attack it says ‘there is a discrepancy between the client and server. Correcting’. And I hit ok on the popup
  • Round continues
  • Eventually all my dragons die but round doesn’t end.
  • Eventually I kill all enemy dragons and get credit for the win even though all my dragons are dead.

I took screenshots, to lazy to add them to this message but I have them if ludia finds them helpful

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A similar thing happened to me. I went to fight a ‘quest’ battle and got taken to an arena battle with dragons that couldn’t be hit. A pop up message said ‘there is a discrepancy between the client and server. Correcting’. Then my game crashed. I thought, well that’s alright, as long as my win streak hasn’t reset because, you know, that would be really unfair. But I reload the game and see that my win streak has indeed reset.

I play really carefully and slowly, so it takes me ages to get all the win streaks, and to have all that time wasted is so disappointing. :cry:

I hope this bug can be fixed.

Thanks for reporting this to us, Darodeth. Our team is actively looking into the issues occurring in the Arena.