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Immune Creatures Premium Incubator


Has anyone bought this? Would anyone like to take one for the team? :rofl:


Not me! It would cost me 100.00 real dollars! Believe it or not I would actually buy one but only if I knew 100% what was in it!

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The possibility of Secodontosaurus is the reason I’m not going to risk it. I was super careful when I take that screenshot, was afraid it would accidentally get bought due to an over sensitive touch screen :joy:

Edit to Add: Plus if I do get lucky and get mostly Postimetrodon dna, still not enough to level my Tryostronix


Not really worth the risk, It shivers me just imagining how many Secodontosaurus you will get. :scream:
Probably the only good one inside is Gallimimus, but that too is uncertain as Dimetrodon Gen 2 could very well be there. :confounded:

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I already have about 9000 Secodontosaurus dna from other incubators, more than enough to last me through the game :joy_cat:

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Yeah this one is definitely not worth the money! :joy:


it’s probably the exact same DNA as the immunity strike event. just different quantities.


10k hard cash is a joke, I dont care what comes inside unless its 1million coins and 9000 hard cash :joy:

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