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Immune Dinosaurs happen to usually be awesome and they can also be very fun to play. The Immune Dinosaurs fan club is a place to show your love for the immune dinosaur/s you like. Wich Immune dinosaur/s are you a fan of and why?

    • Ankylocodon
    • Ardontosaurus
    • Ardontismaxima
    • Dimetrodon
    • Dimetrodon gen 2
    • Erlidominus
    • Gallimimus
    • Geminititan
    • Indomimus Rex
    • Indomimus Rex gen 2
    • Magnapyritor
    • Monolometrodon
    • Monomimus
    • Ornithomimus
    • Ophiacodon
    • Postometrodon
    • Procerathomomus
    • Secodontosaurus
    • Tryostronix

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  • Monolorhino
  • Pterovexus

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Show your love and protect these amazing creatures!


Well that was terrible! I have no clue what happened to my poll, it was and is a mess.

I like them all except Procerat. I think the common immunes are a little bland and boring but I still like them. The unique immunes look awesome and do awesome. The legendary/epic ones are pretty cool for the most part, except procerat.


I just added Pterrorexus to the poll if you like that one too.

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Indominus Rex: because it’s my number 1 favourite dinosaur/dinosaur hybrid of all time and has been pretty much ever since the very first design leak for it came out in like late 2014 or something (which thinking about it might actually have been the lego version xD)

i just love everything about it! awesome looking design, cool abilities/powers, similar personality in that both of us basically hates everything and everyone, basically just because we can, awesome roar, etc… basically only dinosaur/dinosaur hybrid that could top it for me would be some of my own super hybrids, who are heavily based on Indominus Rex anyways.

Indominus Rex Gen 2: well, it’s just a Gen 2 version of the Indominus Rex, so what did you expect? :crazy_face:

Erlidominus: first of all because it’s part Indominus Rex, which just that is enough for me to love it, but i also love the design for it, it’s basically the dinosaur version of Freddy Krueger!

Magnapyrritor: mostly just because it has an amazing looking design and a good move-set

Dimetrodon: eh, just looks cool d:

Tryostronix: ^-------------------------------^


I like most of them but my favorite is erlidom. His design is great and fierce, it’s one of the dinos that i have in my team and always saves the day. And of course is my basic rat killer.
I also love tryostornix… It was the first immune that i created and i ever used and still use him. The design it’s just bunkers😍
Last but not least my beautiful yoshi that can deal with 4lvl higher and boosted thors and of course scare away the other pesky dodgers while is a very good rat bait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Definitely Tryostronix, she was my first legendary ever.


my favorite immune rare would have to be Dimetrodon, ever since i first saw it in-game i fell in love with his bright colors and he’s just really grew on me from then on.

Favorite immune epic(s) would hands down be Postimetrodon, easily tied for first place as my all time favorite dinosaur in-game as well. I love everything about her - colors, skills, design - E v e r y t h i n g

Favorite immune Legendarie(s) would be both Monomimus due to her bright and vibrant colors, I really love the way they mesh and Tryostronix also due to his colors as well as his design, I love both even outside of being immune (Tryostronix easily makes my top 10 personal favorites).

Favorite immune unique(s) would be both The murder chicken Erlidominus and The Fire Queen Magna. I Love both with all my cold, dead heart. Erlidom has a special spot in my cold, dead heart as she was my second unique and Magna was always my favorite dinosaur in-game from the moment i saw her. I love everything about both of them from design to their colors. (Edit) I didn’t even see Vexus’ poll up there until I reread the thread lol, Anyways i’d add him onto the list of my favorite immune uniques, I really like his name, as odd as that sounds “Pterovexus” to me sounds so mysterious and menacing. I love his design as well and he’s easily my favorite pterosaur in-game so far. His colors are nice as well. ^–^


Another great place for Immune lovers. Monomimus Protection group.

Magna had been my unique goal since the beginning. Not only cool looks but good moveset, nicknamed Bulldozer in my team :slight_smile:


That one is awesome, it was my goal from the beginning too!

There is an immune for most types
Need a tank? Ardontodaurus/ardentismaxima
Inodminus Rex has cloak so go ahead
Speed? Use erlidominus or poceratomimus(if you want to see the world burn)