Immune meta is the worst meta ever

Immune (or partial immune) meta is the worst meta ever. Why? Because when an immune creature has good enough stats and moves, it’s unstoppable. Remeber raptor meta? Raptors were without doubt the best dinos back then, but they still had counters like ankys, ceratopsians or stegos. Tank meta? Those tanks also weren’t unstoppable. Even Rex killed them just like he does now. Chomper meta? Chompers were defeated by distracters. Rinex, Utasino or Dilorach (Rest in peace all of them) killed them just like they do today. Then came patch 1.8. It was the most balanced one IMO. JWA could stay like that. But no. In patch 1.9 Ludia thought that they undervalued immunes (they did only in some cases), so they buffed them all. Add game-destroying partial immunities and you have immune meta. Every patch since 1.9 added new partial immunities, making normal dinos weaker and weaker. What’s the result? Distracters are dead. Bleeders are dead. Chompers are dead (except Tryko). Dinos without partial immunities are almost all dead.
How to cure the game?

  • Step 1: Nerf almost all immunes’ stats (almost all, because some of them, like Magna, are fine, some even need a buff) at least a bit.

  • Step 2: Remove all DoT immunities. Yes, all. Why? Because bleeders are useless atm. If you want to counter bleeders then play fully immunes or cleansing creatures. It makes completely no sense that bulky and sometimes high damage creatures like Mammoth, Rhino or Baja (and ofc their hybrids) are immune to something that should actually counter them.

  • Step 3: Remove most distraction immunities. Only snakes should have it IMO. Without this immunity, Indoraptors would be easier to counter. Orion also shouldn’t have it (he should have his 1650 attack back tho!). But Orion and Indoraptors aren’t the biggest problem here. Upcoming creatures are. Keratoporcus and Mammolania will be unstoppable with it. Remember my words

  • Step 4: Remove stun immunity from some creatures. This immunity seems balanced on most creatures with it. Who shouldn’t have it? Moth and upcoming Keratoporcus. Stunning would be a way to stop their crazy damage for at least 1 turn. They should be vulnerable to it

The rest of partial immunities seem balanced to me. Immunes to deceleration are mostly supposed to counter tanks, so they’re fine with it. Immunity to lockdown doesn’t change much, let it be.

  • The last, most important step 5: Stop adding new immunes or partial immunes! Is it that hard to make a nonimmune creature? I think not

How would you guys repair JWA?

Immunity to stuns is the worst imo. Immunity to DoT and Distraction are catching up.


But are dinos with it broken? Currently only Moth and maybe Indo G2 are

Completely agree with you. The game needs those changes


I mean Indo G2 is without doubt broken but not because stun immunity

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It’s not indo g2 that’s broken it’s cautious strike that’s broken, even though it’s losing its cleanse function in 1.13 the speed up and other buffs it’s still has means it still has pretty much nothing to worry about.

Completely agree on your other points. Never understood why Orion suddenly gained immune to distraction or why both indo’ s got to keep their partial immunities after the evasive buff. Sad that Orion has lost that damage, considering it’s whole reason for existence was to hard counter erlidom.

It is broken because CS is broken

I want to go back to the time when stegodeus was a god.
And when spinotasuchus was the best bleeder.


Indoraptor(s) should not be immune to distraction. They have cleanse to fix that!

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Broken? No Immunity by itself is broken. The point is it’s too common. A point comes where dedicated stunners become useless, even if the Stun-immune creatures aren’t OP.


The majority are fine. They don’t need a nerf.

Reduce the number but don’t remove them all. Bleeders aren’t useless. You just need them against certain high health opponents.

Without that, the Indoraptors get a severe nerf so I can’t agree on that either. There are enough definite style attacks to get through dodge effects that this really isn’t needed.

This one I can agree with. Stun is a strong ability and on some creatures it is too much.

Partial immunes are fine but I agree that we don’t need any more full immune creatures.

Chompers are far from dead. I still use them and they do great against anything with armour and shields.


Where I am the only chomper that I ever see is boosted Thors. And they wouldn’t even be good without the boosts. Tryko is a bit of an exception.
Indominus rex could be considered a chomper I guess, I do see it quite a bit, but it’s Immune.

The role of chompers here is occupied by Maxima and Gemini, plus the Indoraptors.


Indo gen 1 wasn’t immune to distraction or stuns for quite a few patches and it’s place in the meta barely changed. with the current dodge mechanic both would function in the exact same way with almost no changes.

Personally I think the Indoraptors should keep one Immunity each. They’re super common in the arena, so that alone will make a huge difference.

Smilonemys can lose Immunity to Decel. If that alone gets it out of High Tyrant, then it won’t need to be nerfed further. It can keep stun Immunity.

Para and Tuora don’t need stun Immunity, Tuora should be improved some other way.

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Bleeders are useless. Tell me which bleeder is viable in higher arenas? Chompers are also useless (except Tryko). They’re viable only when overboosted but everything other also is. Talking about DoT immunity, which creature should keep it and why? Maybe turtles as now they have low HP. Ok, maybe normal Indo should keep distraction immunity. But not G2. He still has MF, he only has to play it smartly.

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It’d say spyx is a somewhat viable bleeder. Unless it’s up against something immune to distraction.

I don’t agree chompers are useless - I run Tryko L29, Tryo L30 and Diora L30

The Mammotherium line can keep Immunity to DoT, Daryx can lose it, it can be improved some other way.
Mammolania and Keratoporcus don’t need Immunity to Distraction.

Entelomoth needs stat changes, and it can lose Immunity to DoT. I don’t know if it should be Immune to stuns, because there’s 3 speedsters that are already.

Thylacotator can be Immune to Decel instead of stuns. I know it has a role as a Thor counter now, but we honestly don’t need that. Smilonemys and Smiloceph, along with a ton of other creatures already beat it.

I also run Tryo, but he’s an Immune dino, not an regular chomper. Tryko is an exception, he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Dio isn’t a chomper

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