Immune meta is the worst meta ever

Tryko is more than a chomper, Dio is not a chomper, and Tryo is Immune.

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Mammolania isn’t immune to distraction technically, if hit with debilitating distraction its damage will be reduced. Not by much though.

It is actually. Read the release notes again.


Wow, no idea how I missed that, it’s a flat out broken creature then. Why does it get immune to distraction when neither parent is?


IMO the immune dinosaurus should remain the other ones like Immune to bleeding, distraction etc should not.

So you mean the ones with partial immunities? Would love to see the ones immune to stun or distraction revert back.

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Because Ludia needs to make they hybrid super appealing so people go after it. Honestly, they broke their own rule about Definite Rampage. Wondering how long it will take before we get a change to them.

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You don’t know why? It’s because he’s an eXcLuSiVe

By change I assume you mean it loses definite rampage? Knowing ludia they’ll give maxine and incomeraptor gen 2 the move again before they think about nerfing their boost mascot for the patch.

either remove definite rampage, or get rid of immune to distraction. there are other creatures that have the move, but they aren’t immune to distraction (and have lower damage). If they want to keep a definite move, then either a strike or an impact if they keep distraction immunity.

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Was a rhetorical question :stuck_out_tongue:, I’ve long given up trying to understand the poor decisions/inaction regarding this game.

Yes partial immunes should be removed

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Not removed but they definitely shouldn’t be that common. And IMO they should help creatures in countering what they are supposed to counter. For example, i like Marsupial Lion being Immune to Deceleration. Thanks to it he can counter bulky tanks even better than before, but he’s useless against speedsters. Unfortunately, Ludia went wrong with partials. A perfect example is Mammoth. He’s a bulky, tanky creature. Thanks to his high attack and PFS, he also inflicts very high damage. Only few nonhybrids counter him. Why? Because he is Immune to DoT. Without it, he would be lot easier to counter, and maybe he would be even balanced. This is an example when partial is used to make creature have almost no counters


Imo they didn’t nerf the Mammoth right either. Now in a Mammoth vs Mammoth fight, the faster one can one-shot the other if it’s set up, so it makes the speed tie problem even worse.
They needed to nerf it’s damage too.

Immune to DoT is kinda useless but that’s only cuz DoT is useless. And that’s the issue. Anything with cleansing moves shouldn’t have so many immunities to DoT and distract. And the new uniques (especially mammolania) just need a heavy nerf overall.

Well summed up, if ludia actually balanced stuff properly i’d be for letting certain creatures keep partial immunities, like to deceleration or vulnerability or in the turtles case dot. However I don’t expect ludia to lift a finger anytime soon if it doesn’t net them some $$

Immunity could be so simply fixed and could actually be good for balancing. I honestly don’t know why they haven’t started. Rather then nerfing stats and making the community angry. Slight adjustments (adding or subtracting) certain immunities to said creatures they could create many counters and give diversity to the arena. Bleeders could finally have a time. Stun and distraction could play a role in the meta again.


Thing is ludia don’t do slight stat changes, they either nerf something strong into the ground in 1-2 updates or buff it to be even stronger. People are more likely to spend $$ boosting imbalanced creatures than balanced ones. This has been the status quo for 3-4 updates now I don’t see that changing anytime.

Well now Cautious Strike no longer has cleansing because so many people were throwing temper tantrums over it. I suspect the tantrum will continue and another dinosaur will be in the ranks of Monomimus.

I don’t think mammotherium line should remain immune to DoT, It has Dig in and losing this immunity would help bleeders. I say the same for Entelomoth, imo moth shouldn’t have any immunity at all with the great kit and stats It has. And If you compare Tryko with mammolania, both have 4500 hp and 30% armor. Tryko has no immunities but is pretty strong and balanced. Aside from obviously removing distraction immunity, bleed immunity should go too. Just like moth, mammolania’s stats and kit are great so It shouldn’t have an immunity at all. The only ones i think should keep immunity to bleed is cabonemys, meiolania, carbotoceratops and daryx.
I don’t know If i agree with Thyla losing stun immunity. While immune to decel makes sense and would certainly be good, i do like the niche It has right now, though Thyla will be useless now so yeah :roll_eyes:. If Thyla is ever useful again i guess i would be up for It having immunity to decel instead.
Immunity to stuns imo is fiting for the cat like creatures. I agree they should keep It. What should be losing It is one of the indos, para and tuora, perhaps Thyla, moth.

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