Immune to nullify - new passive

This creature cannot be nullify(passive)
This passive is for creatures like:
Baryonyx GEN 2
Irritator GEN 2

This creatures need buff.
Ankylosaur get immune to vulnerable.
This creatures need passive, when they increase damage and critical chance.

This does not make sense. Even fully immune dinos are not immune to nullification. Why would any dino be immune to it?


If you add Immune to nullification, creatures with Immunity (to All) will also gain that buff, just try to think about that:
Erlidom uses Cloak, and cannot remove by Nullifying Rampage and Definite moves

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Nullification isn’t a negative effect.


I think it would need to be worded differently as to not get included In immunity to all. The particular moves themselves would need to include “Cannot be Nullified” or “buffs are permanent for the 2 or 3 rounds or whatever the move”.
But ultimately that would make creatures with nullify rather pointless if you went down that road. The point of using those creatures is to attack tanks and large predators that often don’t have nullify abilities. Without those abilities able to be nullified, they would have no weaknesses against any one kind of creature. Every class of creature has a set of creatures they are better adapted to fighting and another set that have them at a disadvantage.

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Imo Irritator Gen 2 is fine, Irritator should get Ferocious Strike, Bary and Bary Gen 2 should gain Immunity to Deceleration.

But if you still like the concept of buffs that can’t be removed, there are other ways.

That’s actually rather interesting and with the short time counter to pick your moves or swap outs it would make calculating the math of your next attack much more challenging. As it currently is, I tend to always keep my opponents creatures stats visible so that I can do the math in my head to see if I should leave a creature out to take an impact hit or rampage hit and even have time to figure out those same attacks with crit % added in. The above mentioned buffs and debuffs to actual stat numbers would eliminate my ability to do that in the short time allotted. Now the question is, would those stat buffs disappear upon swapping in another creature or last through the whole match?

Rock, paper, scissors, Spock…

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I’d imagine the stat changes would be displayed on tapping. That makes sense since the opponent’s health is displayed when it changes, so the other stats would too.

I like the idea but immune to nullify to Tryo ?
No way at the moment is fine he didn’t really need that

nullifying isn’t a debuff. it is an equalizer. it will remove positive effects and return the creature to normal standing. so as a passive ability, i’m gonna have to say no. especially for fully immune creatures that would end up having it based on principle.
As an extra effect on specific moves, i can see this being a thing as long as we don’t go overboard with it. say a new type of ferocious buff that can’t be nullified away, but the creature itself is susceptible to distraction and/or stun allowing others to stall out the buff or reduce the damage.

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I’m pretty sure in the past like way long ago that immune creatures could not be nullified. This was like before 1.3, and I really like this idea. I have suggested it when making hybrid concepts before, it would be an interesting addition to give some viability to certain dinos.

You can’t debuff this creature. Creature increase own damage and you can’t nullify it.

You forgot the lizard.

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You are correct. I did

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