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Immune week speculation #4

Well we’re back with another spec and you all voted for immunes!! This one doesnt really need changing in some areas but ill try my best.
What can Go in this theme?

  • Must be fully immune

Wow, this is a easy one. Lets get started.

Commons: Dime G2, Galli, Ophia
Rares: Dime, Ornitho, Anklycolodon
Epics: Secdonto, Posmetrodon,
( IndomG2 or Prorat)
It is discision if either it should be any in the ()

This one is short so on Monday I will do a big themed one. This One is a Two Choice

  • Hybrid Heroes Part 1 and 2
  • High Hp and Armor ( 2 in 1 )

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Tommorow expect a topic named Armor and High Hp: Revamping the system #5. Also expect mlre than improving weekly themes