Immunities or increases in features

being honest i tell them this or immunities and resistances or increase of characteristics since it is ilogic to fight with someone that you have immune to the slowness and have speed of 150 being faster than all
i have already been fighting more than 20 times with a sarcorixis at levels 23-26 and with speed of 150 do you think a dino can defeat him? I just having 18-21 levels being more than 18 than 21 is impossible to defeat it so please remove the increases in characteristics or simply that the dines can only be increased the most favorable characteristic for them oseas the resistant life the ferocious attack etc and it would already be fairer

It’s unlikely that boosts will be removed, however currently the matchmaking is absolute crap right now. I do agree that Sarco needs to be toned down a bit, and have other epic hybrids be buffed.

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It’s crazy, I just driopped from aviary and now can’t get back up cuz of droppers. The Dino’s I faced in aviary were 22, these Lockwood ones are 24 and 25. I actually doubted someone yesterday. I believe them now @poezzie told me that. Droppers are crazy, the only way to make matchmaking better at this point is to make everything good and some better or else there will be no counters and counters won’t be worth to boost