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Impact & Run does not work in a friendly challenge


Hi. I noticed that Impact & Run does not work as it should. I had Utarinex against much slower dino and after choosing that move I wasn’t able to escape and my Utarinex died instantly…


Were you pinned?


No, I wasn’t. In another friendly challenge my opponent wasn’t able to “escape” after choosing Impact & Run and that is why I think it’s broken.


Hey cainshiro, if you were going up against another creature with a passive “counter” ability, the counter damage would go through before the automatic swap takes place. Pinning effects will also stop your dino from swapping as well. If you’re able to describe your battle in more details, I’ll be happy to take a closer look.


Thanks for your reply Ned.

Friendly Challenge #1

Utarinex vs Irritator Gen 2 (if I remember correctly)

I was able to kill my opponent’s first dino and then he brought his Irritator Gen 2. I chose Impact & Run and right before swapping to my next dino his dino attacked my Utarinex and it died.

Friendly Challenge #2

Utarinex vs Stygimoloch

My opponent’s Stygimoloch used Impact & Run move against my Utarinex and he couldn’t swap before I used my Utarinex.


That sounds really strange, does this happen in regular matches in the Arena as well or just in Friendly Challenges? It’s possible that there might be some issues with the game’s connection and it’s causing this. Could you try some of the troubleshooting steps here and then rechallenge your friend and see if that helps: Lost a battle I was winning
If it continues to happen even after trying those steps, email our support team here at with your support key and battle details and our team would be glad to investigate further. Thanks!


Irritator gen 2 scenario sounds like he did a swap in strike on you, and stygi wouldn’t be able to swap if u used instant charge and stunned him


Likely what happened in both those scenarios


Because nobody else is having these problems lol


No, my opponent didn’t do a swap in strike. His dino was already there. And I didn’t use instant charge on Stygimoloch either.


Do it again, and post the screen record


Cuz ur the only one with that problem


No, it wasn’t just me. My opponent also couldn’t use that Strike & Run successfully (scenario #2). It only happens in friendly challenges as far as I know.


Doesnt do that to me. Thats why im saying ur the only one with this scenario. Just do it again. But post it this time. I want to see it happen tbh


I will try to record it next time. Sometimes I remove my Utarinex from my team before I start any friendly challenge because of that glitch. :confused:

I really wish Utarinex had that useful Critical Impact from Utasinoraptor instead of Strike & Run.


Im just interested in seeing it in reality lol


I want to see that too because I’ve never seen this happen. And I do friendly battles :joy:
Record it otherwise basically what @Justin_Larson said.

Please no. And utarinex is impact and run. Don’t insult him (maybe that’s why he doesn’t obey to you when you want him swap) .


What Ned said. I have had this once in the past. It happens when you/your opponent encounter a network or connection error and generally if the connection is bad at the time. I don’t know the mechanics but basically it interrupts the games commands mid execution and hence why the run isn’t working. It will execute the first command called, but breaks thereafter.


Yes this can happen and in this case your attack should have been default picked to the basic one even if the client-side animation is different. We could check this in a record with hp amount. Thanks for the feedback.


If it disconnects once the attacks have been selected and mid animation, it breaks the operation and it seems to reconnect without executing the run part. I know this is possible in coding terms, depending on how one error traps.