Impact to Blue

I would like to see something for Blue. She is now the only non-common raptor, who doesn’t have any impact, so I thought what if Blue will get Defensive Impact, or something like that. Does 1.5x damage and gives shield for 2 turns. That will also help Blues damage, because it’s surprisingly low for even defensive raptor. Nothing else and have a nice day!

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I agree Blue needs a rework. To be fair raptors as a whole need a rework since they have been nerfed every single patch. But Blue is an Epic “film star” raptor but is one of the worst Epic raptors. She is good against other raptors but against anything else she sucks.

I think a move like shielding rampage would be great. 2x damage 1 turn shield, 1 turn delay, 1 turn cooldown. This wont break anything as Blue’s damage is so low anyway. But it does mean she can cycle pounce and shielding rampage give her some good defensive use.