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Impatient to buy boosts

When can we buy the new boosts? It takes ages to stack up the boosts without being able to spend in-game cash to get them. CCCOOOMMMMEEEE OOOOONNNNN! HURRY UP!


Hold yah horses pal​:joy::joy:


Lets just enjoy the slow pace for a change. I hope everyone boosted wisely because its gonna take forever to get more.


Yes! This is actually fun waiting, watching, and thinking, and trying new Dinos. I am glad I have some time to play exactly how I want to when I want.


The longer you wait the more cash you’ll have.


I understand you is boring … talking with friends who are very good players … we think that the best thing would be the permanence of the bost … we find it easier to buy them at once than to wait to gather them … waiting is the same a get bored little by little and the game loses a lot of interest

As I said last week, Ludia can’t make their mind up as to what to charge for the boosts.
There can’t be any other reason why they’ve missed out on selling them since the update.

If they value them at a higher rate than they returned them to us at, there would quite rightly be an outcry by the players.

If they value them as they did before the update, no one would be daft enough to buy them as they are virtually worthless at 500 green cash for 25 boosts.

So, what do you think they will do?


There is the inability on the part of Ludia … a person who is intelligent makes quick and intelligent decisions a person who is not intelligent and is incapable only prolongs time

Tbh… I think they should do another reset and return HC for the amount of boosts we all have… then they should start selling them again so we can all start fresh… and for the people who want to buy will buy, and for people who don’t want to can use the HC for whatever they please!

I do not think they do another reboot … your idea seems good to me, the bad thing is that the people in charge of the game are not the right ones and only make mistakes after mistakes

I fully agree Bryan, but I very much doubt they will do that.
You only have to read the forum over the past few days and it seems that there may be a majority who are in favour of what they’ve done.

I never cease to be amazed at people’s gullability.

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Yeah @Schtemty I doubt they would too, but if they were to implement this new reset if would be better for everyone…

The game is boring if you can’t buy boosts? If we can buy boosts, nothing really changes in the group that’s buying them. We will all buy them and progress at the same speed, and just be a tier or 2 higher than without buying them. You’re in the same boat either way. The only way to get ahead now is to speed up incubators and get as many boosts from there as possible. That’s your pay option currently.


@Dilan_Kros thanks! Your probably right that they won’t do reset but it would be a smart move if they did

unfortunately … from the start I play that I see that the people in charge of the game are not very smart to say …

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As I brought up a few days ago, the last boosts reset was followed by a short period of unrest then an adjustment and another reset. I think they’re letting things play out and we may see a similar adjustment.


And I think Ludia is on the right track with this arena incubator thing.
Not sure if it’s the best solution, but it makes me want to battle even more.
As small as the boosts are, they add up the more you battle.
It won’t make me pay to open them, but I will certainly always have one cooking now.
Until this getting me to battle when I didn’t have to was tough for Ludia.
Battle or slowly fall behind is a pretty good motivating fix.


There is always an outcry no matter what they do, isn’t it? :joy:
Tough crowd.

The price all depends on how easy they want to make the game for us. And looking at the small amounts of boosts they give out in incubators, it may seem like it’s more like that. 25 for 500 might feel little, but sometimes you could buy 50 for 1000. Let’s say it was 50 for 500. That would get an immediate huge advantage to those pay to play players. They’d get ahead way too fast. I usually don’t pay for anything, since earning cash in-game and through facebook goes so fast nowadays. So I’d fall behind. But I guess money will rule and make victorious no matter the system, huh?


I dont think they intend on you speeding up the 3 and 8 hours incubators cause those are small beans and well Ludia.

No they want you to realize youll lose 8 or 16 boosts if you unlock a 12 or 24 hour incubator or tie up a slot…

Pretty sure thats why there arent boosts in the bigger incs to get the impulse speed up.

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If they sell 25 of each boost each week it will take you a month just to boost one thing one level by spending cash. So,you’ll still have to wait

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