Imperial Unit Markers


The other day, I discovered that you can set the game to use the imperial system instead of the metric system, which is really cool. However, I noticed one problem with the system. The blue ring that marks the 150 meter mark around you still says 150, even on the imperial system. This is especially problematic, as it doesn’t show a unit, it just says 150, so some may think it means 150 feet, which could ruin their measurements.


Hey Magmorix, thanks for reporting this to us. It seems like a visual issue, and our team would like to take a look at this. Reach out to them here at with your support key, and including any screenshots you have will be really helpful.



Now says 200 meters and 656 feet for VIP


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No, it’s not fixed. When you change it it correctly displays feet, but try restart the game, when it loads up it will display in meters again.


why does it matter? if it’s in the circle dart it. if not get closer until it is.


Y correct, upon restart it reverts to metric.
Not shocking.