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Implement 3 Battle Modes

@Ned sorry you’re the only support name I’m aware of. I’m new to the forum. @jorge

I would like to suggest that there be 3 different battle modes in the game. I will talk about each of them and why I feel they are valid reasons. This is lengthy so please read (hear) me out.

First I would like to mention why I came to this decision.

Last night I spent 45 minutes or so battling. It must’ve been close to 20 fights or more. Out of all the battles and time I spent playing. I was only able to win 1 fight, the last fight. Then I couldn’t stand the frustration any longer. At night I fill my incubator slots to use throughout the work day. Today I had the one 3 hour incubator for the whole day.

In my opinion I do not have a bad strike team, at least prior to 1.7 update it was pretty solid. I’ve been playing for almost a year now and I have never lost so many consecutive fights. By chance of luck or odds you’d think I would’ve won a few. I dropped from just above 4700 trophies to just over 4200.

I hate battling by the way. I get no enjoyment out of it. I do battles for 3 reasons.

  1. incubators (including daily)
  2. Daily missions
  3. I’m an alliance leader and I must help my alliance achieve our goals.

With all that said, here is what I suggest and believe would help players such as myself who hate to battle but do it for the same or similar reasons.

The 3 battle modes:

  1. Tournament Battles
  2. Stat Boosted Battles
  3. Original Battles (No Stat Boosted Creatures Permitted)

Tournament - Should be as it is, a tournament so that competitive players can really battle it out and see who the best is and get the rewards that are in place. Personally I have not tried the tournament so I’m not exactly sure how it works. You have your entry fee so you really give it your all. You may be vip or purchase upgrades and things to have an exceptional and excellent strike team.

Stat Boosted Battles - As introduces in 1.7 and the name says it all. This is for the players who want to upgrade their creatures and really change the odds in a battle. These players may purchase additional Stat Boost from the store and not just use the free ones received. The players who want to mix it up a bit and not have your predictable battles.

Original Battles - This would be re-introduced and be the same as battles were prior to the 1.7 update. So no Stat Boosted creatures are permitted to enter. This is for players like myself who don’t care to upgrade their creatures. Players who want to use their creatures at the levels they are and have been out there grinding to get to.

This is the battle mode where you don’t “pay to win”. The daily players who just want to battle and receive their incubators, daily missions, and help with alliance missions. A less frustrating and more even battle field where whoever is the higher level or fastest goes first without Stat Boost.

Where your creature you’ve been out playing the game forever to get to a high level isn’t 1 shot killed by a crazy Stat Boosted creature. Where your fast creature isn’t slower than a typical slower creature.

Personally I feel this would make Battles a lot more fair and more enjoyable for me as I don’t enjoy them anyway. I’ve gone days and hours without an active incubator since the update to 1.7. Prior to the update, I’ve had an incubator on at almost all times of the day. I battled religiously to keep this going. Now, I just dread going in and get frustrated and it’s just a phone app.

Yes, I have my free Stat Boost and they’re stacking in my inventory and I haven’t applied one yet. I don’t really care to do so either. To me it’s more for people who really want to win. I just want to fill my incubators. I don’t care what my rank or trophy count is.

I’m not VIP and I have no desire whatsoever to become a VIP. I will for sure never pay any real money for these Stat Boost. I save my hard cash (in game money) for the coin sale so I can upgrade my creatures I’ve spent hours a day hunting to level up.

I take pride in saying that I’m at the max player level and my creatures in my strike team are levels 23-28 without spending any money and just straight grinding the game daily.

It’s so annoying and frustrating to be 1 shot killed by a creature a few levels under you because they paid to win the fight while I’ve been out grinding, hunting, and requesting dna. Sure, if you pay you should have an advantage. So give them 2 battle modes and let the common folk play as we used to.

With all that said the next question you may be wondering is this: “what if a player has already used Stat Boost?” Simple answer, give them the ability to disable Stat Boost to enter the Original Battle Mode without losing their investment and can turn it back on when they want to go back into the Tournament or Stat Boosted Battles. Maybe these players that have invested in Stat Boost would like to just play some regular battles on a day they aren’t feeling well or need to win some quick battles given your chances are probably better.

To compensate for players who have applied the Stat Boost and play in that battle mode. Let them win better incubators or receive more coins or additional Stat Boost to apply to creatures. Just like the Tournament, you get better rewards than battles now.

Reward system for 3 Battle Modes:

Tournament Battles - best rewards

Stat Boosted Battles - upgraded incubator rewards opposed to Original Battles.

Original Battles - the same incubators we’ve always received since the beginning.

Thank you for taking the time and consideration into this suggestion. To me it will make the game a lot more enjoyable again and not so frustrating. I know I cannot be the only one who feel this way.



I like the idea Phil!

Gotta say, this boosting thing is getting out of hand already… A Thoradolosaur with 170-ish speed is just straight up stupid! There is absolutely no counter for it… And critting all the time (more or less) it can easily solo the whole enemy lineup. Its just getting out of hand… Its like you (Ludia) didnt think this through at all.
The rumors says, that you also want to make armor and crit boosts? So you will have a Thoradolosaur with 100% crit also? Guys, you are killing the game as it is right now - sadly…

I also been playing the game for a year (more or less), and i absolutely love (loved) it. But now I have a hard time to enjoy it…
I play in an alliance with 50 very active members, and no one likes this “boosting” update at all.

As Phil suggested, if you want to keep on having this boosting ability in your game, can you please make different battle modes atleast!



Good stuff Phil.
The way I see it is even more simple, clearly the game has lost popularity after the boosting system.
I fully understand Ludia’s reasons, they are trying to make more money by having people to buy boosters, but the truth is they might even have the opposite result by losing players.
I really hope Ludia listen and adjust accordingly. I have been playing the since week 1, and this is the first time I am not having fun and furthermore I am touched to stop playing… just to much frustration for something that should be fun instead.

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I think it would also be a good idea to add a casual game mode, so you can play PvP without fear of going down in the ranking, obviously with lower rewards to the normal system (but counting the progress of the daily incubator)

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Hey Phil, thanks for sharing this with me and I do like the idea of having different modes of battle! It is sort of like having different level of challenges for the game. I’ll definitely relay your message with our team. :slight_smile: If you have any more feedback or suggestions, do not hesitate to keep sharing them with us as well.


The only thing I would add to @Phil 's post is either have the original battle mode ignore the boosts added, or have the ability to remove the boosts from your dino. Otherwise if you decide to go into boosting you are kind of stuck with them.

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I really like the idea of the third mode. I mean when you battle friends your dinosaurs are level twenty six and not boosted. It’s challenging and fun. If that was available for non-friends that would be cool because more people would be tempted to use other dinosaur types outside of the meta. :3

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The other game already has this and the boosts are only temporarily used for the battle and you lose them after use! But they are all earned boosts not purchased

@Phil good idea

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Ummm think the boosted battles also need to b split down…2 modes for these…1 for Tiers 1 thru 4 and the other Tier 5 thru 10…or find a way to take them off cuz I only applied a couple of the free boosts and 3 of the daily’s that I bought on 3 days in a row…my highest dino is tier 3…the others 1 or tier 2 only…I just ran into a super boosted Thor that wiped out my whole team with 150 plus speed and 6k health

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Hey thanks for the response. The 3rd mode “Original battle model is what you’re saying if I’m not reading your post incorrectly. There are no stat Boosted creatures in this mode. This mode is what we played before Stat Boost was introduced. So you just play with your creatures at whatever level you have them.

Great! Thanks for your response and sharing the idea with the team!

Of course you do. People who pay for a VIP subscription get more DNA from darting than people who don’t, in addition to other benefits, and you can also buy incubators and scents. Someone who spends money on the game would be able to have a much stronger team (without stat boosts) than someone who spends the same amount of effort on the game but doesn’t spend any money.

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I’m not saying this is a bad idea by any means, it’s good for the players. But, do you know what happens to that second section? It will become the least used of the options and that’s bad for Ludia.
As much as I want them removed completely for good, or at least reworked and put back with some more thought, I sadly don’t see it happening.

In almost any game where something becomes overpowered, huge amounts of that player base will jump on it. It may because they have to, to keep up. To grief other players. To get easy wins, Etc etc. When you nerf that character or weapon, or in this case give people a way to stay away from it, suddenly that route dies out really fast.

Sure, there may still be some people who will want to try and outdo a booster with their boosted dinos and see what happens. Majority will not. That boosted section wouldn’t last at this rate for that matter, just for the fact that all the dinos would end up right where they are supposed to be without them. Without having an advantage, most people will not bother.

I like mode 3 suggested by Phil.
Actually I don’t like the boost system, but I also boosted my dinos to reduce the chance of losing battles. (I just want to get incubators) If there is a way I can give up all the boosts and battle in the normal way (mode 3), I will be happy to do so.

All I need to read.

That’s why long-term players quit.


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This idea is perfect. It keeps everyone happy. Those who like boosts can use them while other can battle with no boosts.

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What a good idea

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Maybe mine is a ludicrous idea… but why can’t we also earn incubators with friendly battles? :thinking::bulb:

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Because then friends may purposely use bad teams so their friend can farm incubators. Then vice versa