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Implement 3 Battle Modes

Yeah it is a rather ludicrous idea, I admit :sweat_smile: although I am so tired of battling after this tournament I only battle for that daily incubator/mission/alliance now. I don’t fill all my slots any longer.

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Apparently there is not , nor will there be any easy fix for the out of control boosts. I recommend having 2 separate arenas. When you click Battle, you should have a choice between “Boosted Arena” and “Non Boosted”.
A lot of us still enjoy the PvP and collecting incubators, just not wanting to fight the Boost Pigs…

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I lost one of my top most active players today. He basically said the game isn’t fun anymore. I agree with him.

I hate battling and on top of that my game continuously crashes since 1.7 update. I’ve been home 30 minutes and the game has crashed 4 times! It’s done it all night while I went out playing and before I left after getting home from work.

I’ve completely uninstalled the game and deleted other apps. I turned my phone off for a few minutes and then back on and reinstalled the app. Hoping it would resolve the issue and it hasn’t gotten any better with crashing or lagging. It’s beyond ridiculous.

I no longer fill my Incubators because I get tired of losing. My 26 erlidomimus (no stats) gets destroyed by a 21 with stats. What is that about? Then a Trykosaurus uses instant invincibility and I strike and run with erlidomimus. So I hit the shield then when my next dino comes out and I do a move it still had the shield. So it had it for 2 turns. When did this start?

This game has gone majorly downhill. I can’t even enjoy just darting Dino’s because of the lag and crashes. Then I have to force myself to battle in order to get my daily erlikosaurus dna. Ridiculous.

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This is exactly what is needed. Though the non-boosted arena should automatically turn off boosts on your dinos upon entry without banning them if you’ve boosted them. Then you don’t need to go back to each dino and disable/enable boost. Friendly battles disables boost from what I’ve noticed so the same thing could happen there too.

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Your battle mode idea, while sounds good in theory will never work here. For the simple reason they do not have the player base for it. Players are already timeout waiting for opponents. You can even see when players are in this current tournament wait times are longer as less opponents available to be matched against. If the had a player base the size of pogo, no problem. But that will never happen here as player base continues to shrink.

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They need to consider why their players are leaving and why people are not entering the tournament.

I’m not going to enter a tournament. I am slaughtered enough without paying an entry fee to battle. So I won’t enter the way things are now either.

I believe lots of players including myself and some in my alliance are discouraged with battling since the introduction of stat boost. I mentioned earlier I lost one of my most active and contributing players because “the game isn’t fun anymore.”

Say they did implement my suggestion and everyone played in mode 3, original Battles with no stat Boosted creatures and nobody could find a match in stat Boosted mode. That would speak volumes to what the player base prefers.

Lots of members didn’t like when we were automatically put in tournaments against our will because the matchmaking and just so many losses. Stat boost has the same affect now in my opinion.

Thanks for your reply.

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Auto turn off once entering original battle mode is a nice idea. In my vision though I didn’t mean to go to each creature to turn it on/off but just a single tap to do so. I do like your auto on/off idea if you do go into the non stat boost mode.

Thanks for the contribution and reply.

You are the best Phil!. I really wish the devs do something. Your idea of 3 battle modes is simply brilliant. Keeps everybody happy. JWA was a great game, second to none. It does not deserve to die like this.

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The battle mode of stripping boosts already works with friendly battles. I would be fine with having a pre 1.7 arena. I was holding pretty stable in that arena, floating up and down just 2-300 trophy’s. WIth this boost thing, either I’m being slaughtered by faster dino’s or I’m slaughtering someone else with my faster dinos.

I also don’t like battling but feel the need to work for boosts to add to my team and help my alliance. The thing is with these boosts, I hope for the right dino to get picked so I can pretty much solo my opponent with that one. The fastest dino’s win pretty much now and that is the overall strategy.


even with the “Stat Boosts Roll Back” this SHOULD still be an option. The “Roll Back” does nothing for me if i’m still not applying the boost to my creatures. what about the players who do not want to use the SB? why can’t we have our “old” battle mode back where we can just fight regular creatures vs regular creatures?


Hey Phil, I can only share your suggestions or ideas with our team. If you have any other feedback regarding the Stat Boost roll back, please do not hesitate to share them with us here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

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I think they’re kind of forcing you to have to use boosts, otherwise you’ll always be at a disadvantage.

VIP is also a way of supporting the makers of the game, though. It’s not specifically getting too much of a bonus but it’s a lot better when you work full time and aren’t often out playing, I’ll say that much.

thanks. not angry towards you of course. i know you can just relay the messages. it would be nice if Ludia could make the game fair and fun for paying and non paying players.

Original battle mode = non paying players
stat boosted mode = paying players

i’ve detailed the whole map for them, all the developers would have to do is make it happen in the game. nobody loses anything and i (we, others that feel the same) would gain a little enjoyment battling.

thanks for your response and sharing my thoughts.


I think this is an essential element for the game going forward for me and a lot of people.

Any kind of player stat-modification is bad news for ballance, fairness and the interests of the playerbase as a whole. The changes made today are simply NOT ENOUGH to fix the problem which will occur again - still giving out far too many speed modifiers for a ‘static’ statistic. Speed should increase in increments of 1s or 2s MAX.

Wow I missed this thread and a lot of it is very similar to things I have said! Just by coincidence. Like I was also saying the boosted arena could get flashier incubators and original battle gets original incubators, to keep a reason open to play either one…

Anyways, this is spot on and well said. I also don’t care about my trophies or leaderboard like that. I have to agree with this post and hope an original non boosted arena can be put in place for good old fun at the very least.

And I actually have some fun with boosts but I would still want to see this because variation and options are good at this point. And yeah a good old fashioned classic battle… friendly battles are not the same as it with all lvl 26.

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I love the idea, my only suggestion would be that for the original mode instead of “not allowing” boosted creatures it allows them but removes the effects of the boost. And I think you should be able to increase your trophy level in either the stat boost or the original mode.

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Very well said, I am already bored of the increases, it makes the game very frustrating, it has become something ridiculous, I support this great idea … I have paid for the game, I have been VIP, however, even for those who sometimes pay, this is bad…

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Absolutely second this idea, that would be really great.

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Hey thanks for the reply. My mom Boosted arena would have that in it. If you have boosted your dinos but you want to play the non Boosted arena, entering it would temporarily remove your boost and bringing your creatures to non stat boost. You would not lose your boost but they would be disabled until you go to the Boosted arena.

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