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Importance on Space management

We all know and understand that space will become an issue at some point in the game.Then at the sametime I enjoy putting alot of real world design and planning in my park.I have a limit on my design due to not being able to rotate and using my uniform concept of my park.My statues all face the same way as does everything else.Now limited on how and where we can design our park.Please let us have that option to spin an rotate the objects to create real world feel. Thanks Kyle B


I think you are talking about Jurassic World the Game. This is the Jurassic World Alive forums.

Welcome to the forum!
I understand you, I did wanted that too but the main use of decoration is to get a coin production increased on a dinosaur.

That’s right, order is everything in the park!
Too bad I figured it out after a while!

was hopeful for this since the game came out. but after starting again late last year, was sad to find that it was still the case. i think this would really be such a cool feature to the game. I honestly dont mind not being able to fully rotate it with the behinds of the decor being seen (as that would be additonal graphics and a hassle to add on), but id be really happy for just being able to flip it/ mirror imaging it just so it can face the other way.