Important changes


I think the most significant thing that needs to be changed, and I’m sure this topic has been beaten to death already, is the lack of coins. I have a long line of DInos that are waiting to be evolved or fused, and despite always hitting my coin cap everyday and maintaining max efficiency with arena incubators, the waiting list is only getting longer. At this point, my time spent in game is 2% battling in the arena and collection relevant DNA, and 98% hitting supply drops for coins. Its lead to things becoming very stagnant. Creating a new dino, or leveling up one on my team takes place about once every 10 days now. I like the idea of being able to “sell” irrelevant DNA for coins, since 5% of the DNA you get from incubators is actually useful. There’s also the ideas of raising or removing the coin cap, increasing coin output from arena battles, supply drops and incubators, or reducing the amount of cash required for coins in the store.

I think some variety needs to be added to the DNA you get from the free incubators (always Euoplocephalus), and the arena incubators (almost always Baryonix Gen 2).

The Gigaspikasaur needs a buff to actually make it better than the Nodopatasaurus (one of its ingredient DNA)

The Tryostronix needs a buff to make it better than the Baryonix

The Pyrotaitor and the Magnapyrotaitor need to be tweeked, because at this point, the Pyroraptor is significantly more useful than both of them.

The Trykosaurus needs to be revamped because it’s less meta-relevant than the Ankylosaurus

The Utarinex needs a buff because the Utasinoraptor is almost an exact clone, yet is much easier to obtain DNA for.

Blue and the Stygimoloch need to be released into the wild, because of all the dinos that are only available in incubators, they actually can be game changers.

The delay on Instant Invincibility needs to be removed to make the Rajakylosaurus and the Diorajasaur more relevant and bring them to the actual levels of Legendary and Unique.

Anywhoooo, those are just the things that bug me the most. The one thing I didn’t mention is the current state of the Raptors in the meta-game. Thats because I dont think they need to be nerfed, theres plenty of counters for them.


I agree with evertything :+1:


Wow! Actual, thoughtful input which all makes total sense. Good show!


Agree with everything, especially the lack of coins and Stygimoloch in the wild. Recently put one on my team, and she’s proven to be an amazing team member.


I also think that the Irritator needs to be released into the wild, otherwise the Pyrotator is capped at level 15, and the MagnaPyrotator is almost impossible to create.


+1 to all and make ankytrosaurus something usefull cause is the worst legendary ever, is bad even for low arenas.
Pyrritator-- remove the cd on his only dmg dealer attack because you are slowest than most raptors so you being oneshoted before you can jump and vs tanks usually they have slow you you are dead before you can jump
Also make ready to cruch a first move like heals etc cause that skill ia a death sentence 90% of times even for bot lvl30