Important message for Jam City/ Ludia

So here we are with Dominion round the corner and the anniversary of JWA almost upon us. And the game is pretty much broken!

I’ve played since June 2018 and run an alliance, I have 3 accounts and my wife plays too. But along with pretty much everyone else in the alliance we are struggling to enjoy playing since the last update. Not because of the diabolical pvp, the power creep, or anything like that.
So what’s the issue?
Here goes ….

Because it’s virtually impossible to play when you are in a moving vehicle.
If you go into chat it’s all over the place.
The roster doesn’t show your dinosaur levels etc…
Boosts show as 999 most of the time
The map won’t load properly.
Raid invites don’t arrive.
Raids don’t start because one or more players are disconnected.
To receive raid invites I have to restart.
While out darting there is a constant need to restart the game if you go off the game for any reason.
Pvp matchmaking times out as often as you get a game
You’ll be battling and for no reason a pink screen ends your match and you’ve lost.
I could go on with plenty more of the issues so many of us are suffering with this game and yesterdays debacle merely made things even worse!

What’s actually going on?

Are these issues ever going to addressed?

I don’t want to hear the usual rhetoric that we are given time after time.

If things don’t get fixed there will be no future for the game so backend fixes are useless when the front end is broken.


LOL - I just tried to like your post and got an error that the ‘requested resource was not available’ Sooo…

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It just feels like there’s no passion or pride in the product anymore, sadly. For the size of brand they have the licence for, it’s such a shame higher standards are not expected internally.


Lets hope the next update will have a new front end to go with the new back end.


The grounds of getting banned here can get very absurd and petty at times so… :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Players: we want Roberta

Answer: here she is. Good luck finding her alongside Para Lux during the day only on spawn points near Impera and Posti while the map gets outclassed by a smoother powerpoint presentation made by a high schooler :wink:


Wow! Thanks, that is pretty striking to see just the major issues in a list format like that.


If they add any more dinos / features, before fixing the major performance issues, I feel like everything is coming off the rails :steam_locomotive:, if that hasn’t started to already…



Someone said the notes should come out before the month ends. Oh well :crazy_face:

(Gonna stop there before i enter spoiler and ban territory)


The ever slow continual game degradation is like…


What would be nice is some acknowledgment from someone at Ludia to come on here and say something.

Like - ‘We appreciate the fact that there are some issues that some of you are experiencing. This is because ……….
And we are doing ……… to try and fix it.’

Instead all we get is the standard response from a mod who tells us it has been passed on to the team. Remember the map issue not so long ago? So many of us unable to get the map to move with us when we walked or were moving. This issue went in for months and all we got was the usual rhetoric. Finally it was fixed yet we never knew why it happened or what was done to fix it. By then so many players had given up and stopped playing.

Ludia/Jam City do you think if you ignore problems they will just disappear?

Players will leave and tell their friends how bad it is. You’ll get more and more bad reviews. Frustration is now at breaking point for so many of us.

So please get the front end of the game sorted. Fix the bugs, stop adding game breaking nonsense and think of the players that ultimately are looking for a great experience when they play. I dread to think how the game will play after the next update which is adding a whole lot more potentially game breaking stuff. Without good foundations, adding more and more stuff further exacerbates the shaky overall game - how can you not see this?


Oh dear… 7 new dinos with various new features… and no mention of bug fixes. We’re doomed.


Neat. What apex change do you think? Ref? Only one i could think of.


Its either haast gets buffed to even more brokeness than ref/alberto or hadros gets a sizeable buff then they give us 1 month to raid before replacing lux with a new raid apex that ends up being even more op at 26 like they did with morty and imperato

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Perhaps gorgo since he is the only cunning apex who hasn’t been buffed


I don’t think new content is the only reason that causes bugs

Don’t forget 14 new abilities :expressionless:

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New content may not be the ‘only’ reason for new bugs, but it is certainly a major contributor.

Even the recent maintenance break created new bugs!


Gamepress teasers usually don’t tell about bugs fixes so that doesn’t mean there won’t be any

You know, when they said this update would bring some of the ‘old’ uniques up to scratch, I assumed they meant nearly all of them - not just 3.

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Perhaps with old uniqes they meant the first uniqes erlidom, tryko and indoraptor