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Impossible achievement

Hey Ludia I have really tried and so has my son to get drone dead shot but can’t . I have vip I am a veteran drone but still can’t do it after weeks and weeks of trying so can’t progress on achievements as I am sure this one opens up lots of new achievements or next player level . This is supposed to be fun not frustrating. Please help or lower the shots required or make it a rare please .

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it was lowered from 10 already.
it takes some practice, but Koolasuchus, eucladoceros, and megistotherium seem to be the easiest ones to attempt on. I also recommend using the Veteran drone setting if you’re not already as it is very responsive and fires pretty much immediately after you lift your finger compared to rookie which is slow to move and classic which drifts a bit.


These are achievements, they are earned and not handed to you on a silver platter. Ludia has already lowered the requirements from 10 to 8, and this is much better than before. It is no impossible as others have said, it is doable, they would have not included it if it wasn’t, it just takes practice and the right creature to dart such as koola or megisto.


I just had an alliance mate do it.
I wouldn’t have a problem with never getting that task complete, but since everything’s locked behind it, I felt justified in not doing it myself.
Bad game design.


It’s not so much a problem that it is a difficult achievement, the problem is that it locks out progress on other achievements. I’m not a great shot. I’ve switched over to Veteran Drone to learn how to use it to shoot and it is quicker and took a little practice to get used to it. But I’m still a bad shooter.

Imagine if everybody’s achievement progress was blocked by the get 5,000 Direct Hits on the Velociraptor. It’s not a very difficult achievement, but it will take a considerable amount of time to complete. Some will complete it faster than others, but there would be many complaints if your achievement progress was going to be blocked for months because they couldn’t work on and complete other achievements until this one was completed.

I have no problem with achievements being locked behind other achievements as long as those achievements are related. For example; Get 200 Direct Hits on a Common unlocks 200 Direct Hits on a Rare unlocks 200 Direct Hits on an Epic. These are all related and each one is progressively more difficult than the previous. But if you had to Defeat T-Rex 10 Times in PvP to unlock Feed 100 Creatures in Sanctuary those are completely unrelated and your skill to complete a PvP achievement shouldn’t lock out a non-PvP achievement.


I struggled to get mine until I changed to Veteran setting. Then I managed to get it on Koolasuchus during normal weekly attempt. I’d also recommend Ankylosaurus too as a very easy one to dart. Just try and get right on top of it to guarantee full drone time.

I am on veteran drone and have been since it came out , I have tried on all those said dinos and so has my son but still can’t do it .

How do you get an alliance member to do it for you ? Thanks

Veteran drone and something big and slow. I did it with Ankylosaurus. It was not impossible at 10 but it took practice.

How do you get salis ce member to do it ?

Agree that drone dead shot should unlock early and not be a progress gate to other achievements. However I can also say that once you finish that one everything else is really easy…so I’m not sure what happened there. Either way I think a reworking of the achievement system to have more things track sooner (but be invisible/unobtainable until they’re unlocked) would be nice. That way stuff like drone dead shot could be worked on before level 10, if that progress gate is still desired.

Finally got the drone dead shot achievement done thanks to the nest protector scents!

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