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Impossible achievement

yes, rhinos are in 2nd place for creatures that are harder to dart on my list, can never get a direct hit when the target is moving back and forth and back and forth and on and on and on, and I think that epic+ sauropods are a 3rd as it takes forever to get from a tail shot to a head shot and sometimes the tail and moving all over the place

Oh snapz, I forgot about Epic Sauropods. I really dislike darting Diplo. The jump from head to tail is insanely annoying.

I got the Drone Deadshot Achievement a few months ago while darting Erlikosaurus (the epic one) and I wasn’t even trying to get the achievement then! :rofl:

The real impossible achievement is top level in the arena…not possible for even 50percent of the player base to ever get this. Amazing no one complains about the real impossible one.

By top level you mean the achievements for reaching arena 13. This could become easier if they add new arenas like they’ve done before.

I’ve personally not complained about it even though I haven’t got 12 arena either yet because I personally lost interest in the arena long time ago because Ludia broke it beyond repair.

It matters less because it’s not required to unlock all the achievements. Whereas you MUST do drone dead shot to unlock more than half of the achievements so you can start them. The issue imo isn’t the difficulty it’s the fact that it’s a really hard progress gate placed way too early in the achievement levels.

it is possible, i am averageScreenshot_20210502_173541_com.ludia.jw2