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Impossible (anti-competitive) Battles

Don’t you just like competitive battling, I’ve been into it for years (for like over 20 years) however over this last year and a half I’ve seen Jurassic World:Alive become the least balanced and least fair form of competitive battling that I’ve ever come across. They started off on the right foot, sure it needed re-balancing, but it was good - things were fair, fun and the most part balanced.

Since the introduction of stat-modifiers in the guise of ‘boosts’ JWA has gone from bad to worse in terms of dishing out unfair and non-competitive battles to it’s players. Partly it’s the players fault for stacking all their boosts in certain corners imbalancing the game further, but more to the point it’s Ludia’s fault for even giving us this option in the first place, and not revoking it when they first realised it wasn’t working. They have never got stat-boosts right at all, they’ve tried to correct it numerous times but still it’s badly broken!. So now we enter the era of (Cheat)Boosts 2.0! Yet another game design model that is fundamentally flawed and doomed to fail (yet again).

What have stat-boosts ever given us? The chance to creep a few more trophies up a pointless arena level. So we can push creatures stats so high that players don’t have to think about how to battle anymore, just press chomp because it’s already the fastest hardest creature on both teams! And finally my point; we now face so many IMPOSSIBLE BATTLES, the ones that are so imbalanced when you start you have NO CHANCE OF WINNING, that’s not fair-competition. What competitive battle system has such an imbalanced approach to battling as JWA, where it offers up battles that CAN’T be won. JWA IS ANTI-COMPETITIVE!

That said, battles can sometimes be won with a lot of strategy and luck, but more often than not you will most often encounter IMPOSSIBLE ODDS which make this game in itself utterly pointless. But I guess that’s just JWA.


Let’s take a look at a few things, shall we?

So, was it good, or was it bad? From one sentence to the very next one you say things were good, then say they were bad. Which is it?

How is it flawed? How will it fail? Enlighten us.

If that’s what stat boosts gave us, why were you even battling before the boosts were introduced if arena levels were pointless? (which they aren’t)

It is just the opposite for me. I have had some of my best and most challenging battles against some of the most boosted teams out there.Rarely have I ever encountered such “IMPOSSIBLE ODDS”. I am also looking forward to 2.0, which will introduce an element that I have always wanted - some give and take with boosting.

If this game sucks so much for you, just quit. It’s that simple.


6 months ago I would often get into really competitive matches where the win or loss was decided by a late decision. The kind of matches where if I lost I would give the opponent respect for a game well played and hit the Battle button again hoping for a rematch

Now, never happens.


Meh, tired of facing teams avg 2 levels higher than mine, and theirs being ALL uniques.

Then the semi enjoyable streaks of me being the dominant force against some unfortunate player.

There is no sense in striving to advance within this game.

Oh, to be one of the chosen few that can seemingly triumph over this matchmaking by beating any team they face, and always having a fair match. It must be a truly enjoyable game.

Even matchmaking would be nice… haven’t seen that since they addressed the complaints about arena droppers.


Competitive battles died way before boosts. It died when they introduced swap in rampage. That watered down the arena and battles have never been as fun since before the swap in garbage.


Completely agree. Boosts destroyed the arena. Remains to be seen how much will be salvaged by the boosts reset.


The 5 step attack is nice, too.
Cleanse, invincibility, DSR, regenerate and kill opponent’s next creature. (I kid, I kid)
I can’t wait to see what they have in store that will top this.

In this thread the op states more often then not youll face impossible battles.

In the remaining unboosted thread he states he is winning more often then not against boosted dinos with his unboosted team.

So if im to believe the op more often then not he fights impossible battles that he says cant be won. But he wins more then he loses anyway.

Well here’s the clincher - some battles are just ‘impossible to win!’ How can that be considered fair competition? It can’t and it isn’t. Sometimes you even get streaks of ‘impossible to win’ battles, but by and by you’ll keep progressing, not by skill, but only by levelling up your team, picking better creatures and stat-manipulation.

The thing that Ludia seem to have got right is the proper skill-based tournaments when they flat-level the teams (without boosts). They’re actually quite fun and a far better measure of skill level. Mis-matched levels, or stat-boosted tournaments just aren’t skill-based - they’re stat/level based. I just look forward to more fun, fair and balanced, ‘true’ skill-based tournaments where you actually get a bit of good old fashioned competition.

The swap in rampage killed the upper arenas. That is just too much power for a move that no one can anticipate. The mid arena where I play and rarely ever see either draco, these swap in abilities have added a fun layer of strategy when you get the right creatures.

If they could ban both DC’s for a week and then get feedback after players haven’t been using and fighting them, I bet they would have an overwhelming good response of the return of fun and strategy.


What a brilliant idea! Even Ludia ‘eventually’ seemed to agree that the move swap-in Defence Shattering Rampage was far too overpowered, so much so they reduced it to Swap-in Rampage. But this is still after every noob has already over-invested in Dracoceratops (Dracerex G2 before it). The thing is so many players employ zero strategy and only use and boost fast, hard-hitting creatures, if you remove these they will cry. :joy:

My thoughts were similar but what if Ludia removed all stat-modifers for a time - instead of just forcing us straight into Cheat Boosts 2.0? It would be very interesting to see where all the cards landed - those who’ve put significant investment into levels would finally be rewarded for their hard work.

Or why not even run an ‘unboosted tournament’ where you could use your cheat-team, minus the stat-modifers. That could be a real game-changer to test people’s skills.

Even skill based tournament isn’t all about skill. First you need to be blessed by RNG to have right counters for opponent team, second you need to chose right starting creature. Most creatures, even without boosts, have ability to two shot opponent creatures.
After good tournament decided to battle to get even higher and fall way back. At least 80% of fights lost in losing streak was cause of bad RNG team draw.

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Very true! Let’s just say it like it is JWA is less of a skill-based game and more Pay-to-win than it’s ever been. RNG and random team selection has always been a part of the problem it’s just that now the problem is being masked by the boost-pocalypse on top of it. And as a result we face even more and more totally ‘anti-competitive impossible to win’ battles.


Is really nice to see the MM and trophies are still here for the new season. I was 5534, faced a full 30 tier 7-8 powerhouse monster play already 200 trophies higher than me and I lose 35… No way any combo of my team could beat any combo of theirs so why on earth did I 1 MM with them, 2 lose 35?! Impossible to win yet get thumped on the trophies.