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Impossible battles this week just keep losing


I don’t know what you have done Ludia but it ain’t right and you will really annoy ( want to use much stronger language ) people who may then quit this game . So many people reporting heavy continual losses in daily battles and losing hundreds of trophies over one or two days and coming up against much higher level dinosaurs. What you up to ?


I’m not sure but I am sure that for every reported loss there is an unreported win so…

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I’ve quit VIP membership and the game three times already, because of bad losing streaks… Anticipate I will be quitting several more times in the near future…


This is typical fluctuation for tournaments.


Lol you need to fine tune your quitting skills.


I had my first lvl30 indoraptor encounter at 4600 trophies. My highest level is 24. People are going down for easy wins this alliance battles thing.

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It was strange this week, all was going well and then I believe it was Tuesday I started facing 5600+ teams when I was mid 5300. When a tourney gets close are some dropping to farm incubators or are less people playing so matchmaking gets skewed?


I’m sitting at 4200 right now right since Lockwood is a hotbed for droppers.

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I like to battle, but to battle for like 30 minutes for my first win and to get a 15 minute incubator is just not good :smiley:

But I am too lazy to drop down and torture lower level players :smiley:

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I just can’t drop down. It would be against my “can’t lose” spirit

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I agree. Three days, 36 battles and only won 6!!! And I’ve been charting the “Crits” and “Evasive” abilities. Over these three days I’m currently at about 15% for critical hits and less than 20% of evasive stance success. Hoping that Ludia takes a look at their algorithms and hopefully I might actually have some success


Wait 40 minutes and see what happens when the alliance rush starts.

You haven’t seen a losing streak yet.

Many of the upper tier players have dropped way down for easy wins once the challenge starts.

It will last Friday through Monday.

Uniques in Lockdown…probably in Badlands too.


This is true. All heck is about to break loose

I didn’t drop but many did. In this instance I cannot blame them as it is a tactic I think is likely to pay off.

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I’ve been stuck at 3,300 trophies for over a week. And it’s so irritating cuz least trying to get to the lock wood manor.


I didn’t intentionally drop lol!